National Day Rally 2009

The most impressive part of the rally must be the last video clip on the future Marina Bay area. It is a future worth looking forward to. With its completion, we will really transform into another level of economic progress. During the National Day Parade I was staring at the diminutive Asia Insurance Building, once upon a time the tallest building in the island. Today it is dwarfed by its undescribed neighbours, everyone towering above it by twice its height. And the new Marina Bay area is another leap ahead from the present waterfront at Raffles Place and Shenton Way. I could imagine myself strolling along the Sands IR and enjoying the great sights and the richness of the surrounding. Then I wonder if I can afford the luxury within. Or maybe I shall join Wally and pitch tent at Changi Beach where the air is free, the stars and the views are free. Easier on the pocket. Our infrastructure will be first class. The several MRT lines that will complete the transport grid will make moving around so convenient, if one can afford it. Come to think of it, travelling to Changi to pitch tent by MRT is not going to be cheap. What is needed but missing in the rally speech is how to upgrade the pay check of the average Singaporeans. Can the pay check be bigger to meet the higher cost that is expected in a first class city living? Or shall the people be told to spend within their means, and join Wally? I have a better idea. I will turn myself into a professional gambler to qualify for a VIP card, free room and services and free food. I don't have to step out of the Marina Bay area anymore. Just live in the IR, for free. With my miserable income which I can confidently said is at least 3 or 4 times what Wally is getting, or more if he is a pensioner, I still think I will not be able to afford that kind of luxury. Now, for all the pensioners and would be pensioners, unless they have a couple of millions in their savings to last 20 or 30 years, they better find a job that will keep them employed till they are 70 or 80. Retirement or unemployment is no longer an option, but for the yodas. Yes, Hsien Loong did show a pic of Yoda in his presentation.


Anonymous said...

The most impressive part was the Yoda was so happy when his son praised him in no uncertain terms.

redbean said...

many people may disagree with him, some very angry with him, some hated him, but this yoda deserves his keep.

i bet that everything will change the moment he is out of the landscape, and likely for the worst. no one can hold this mixed pot of diversity together except him. we think all the parts are gelling. the sooner he leaves the sooner the forces will tear this place apart. just hear the noises from the PRs and new citizens and you can gauge the things to come.

at this level, and even when he is around, they are demanding for more attention. just wait.

Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean:

Is it really that bad or even calamitous for Singapore and hence Singaporeans if he goes ? You mean the other 81 Parliamentarians are useless ? Are they for show now ?

Pardon me if I sound contrarian, me thinks that even if we have a few more ministers to accompany him to his paradise, Singaporeans will still live, maybe live even better than now.

When a society is rid off egoistic and greedy folks, it should naturally becomes better. Hope I am not suffering from logical fallacy.


redbean said...

hi patriot,

the fault lines are still there. we used to have cmio, now the religious element is getting stronger. then we have the new citizens plus prs all thinking too highly of themselves and full of self importance.

i think he knows the threats and his continued presence is a testimony to these fears. it is better for hsien loong to face this crisis when he is around then when he is not. feel the pulse, the apparent calm is deceiving.

hsien loong will have his toughest test when the forces are out in full. that will make him a stronger leader and establish his right to rule, or will break him.

we may have another 81, but all untested and sheltered under a single big umbrella, or held together by this umbrella. when the big tree falls....

Anonymous said...

the monkeys will move to another tree together. This is just to sambong(complete) your Last unfinished sentence. At least in SIN, I expect that to be the Case as there is only one large tree around.

Of course, some monkeys will leave to seek paradise elsewhere beyond our shore. Afterall, many SIN Monkeys would have amassed fortunes to last for many generations.


Anonymous said...

If LKY is a motorcar, LHL is a bicycle. As long as there are motorcars on the road, bicycles are only good for bullying pedestrians on footpaths.

Bicycles will have to prove their worth on the road when the motorcars are gone. That's when LKY is gone and LHL is on his own.

Whenever I see that smile, it puts me off, I stopped watching national day rallies after the mai hum one. How well can you serve a people whom you profess to care about if you do not even know what they are about?