My take on Hsien Loong's ND message

Singaporeans from all walks of life shall unite and work together with the govt for a better future in challenging times. This is another version of an all inclusive society, where every man/woman counts, as family, the Singapore family. What can the netizens do to be part of this family, to be embraced as friends and not as foes? If the netizens are going to continue to criticise the policies of the govt, it is unlikely that they will be welcome for tea parties or as friends. Who needs criticisms when everything is being run so well, when the govt is working so hard for the people, who needs people to throw cold water or cast doubts into the works. What would the govt expect then of the netizens? Obvious, please sing more songs of praises, and stop criticising and post cynical remarks. Then we will be family. This, I think, will run counter to the call to Singaporeans not to be complacent, that they can go on holiday, or their grey matters can go on holiday, and not to worry. Everything is well taken care off. No need to be vigilant, trust the govt, have faith in the govt that nothing will go wrong? Is this what being a family, be united as one people is all about? If that be the case, the netizens will forever be enemy of the govt. For this is one role that netizens should do as the govt is inevitably surrounded by good people with good intention and good things to say. Anything that is unpleasant will not be spoken or will say it in a way that will not prompt any serious reactions. A system without complaints is like removing the pain sensory mechanism in our body system. Without the ability to detect pain, we will get into serious injury without even knowing. The criticisms of netizens is a feedback to the govt, a very strong feedback that is good for the govt to take note. A wise govt will not dismiss criticisms as simply bad, simply anti govt and the bearer of such criticisms or bad news as anti establishment, not with the govt, not for the govt and people. Will our govt be enlightened enough to accept and embrace the positive side of netizens or criticisms? Very difficult I think. Look at the national day honours, or invitation lists to govt functions, how many opposition politicians are honoured? The netizens or people with opposing views are also with the govt to want a better Singapore. It is for the govt to work with them, together, as a people, for the betterment of the country.


Anonymous said...

I can't be bothered with whatever he says any more. Just examine all his past national day speeches and see how many things have been promised and only the contrary happened, e.g. more open society becomes even one person is an illegal assembly. WTF!

Anonymous said...

There got to be balance of yin and yang. And for a person not to know the afore-mentioned wisdom, then whoever he or she is, it will be difficult to have a balanced society under that person's leadership.