MIW or Men In White

It is an uncanny coincidence to release a book called Men In White in the Chinese Seventh Month. The Seventh Month is well known for the release of souls from the forgotten nether world, all in white of course, to have a feast before they are returned, back to where they come from. The book, Men In White, will see the return in spirit of the men who were living with us once. But many may not have the privilege to return to this land they once called home, and will remain as wandering spirits in all corners of the earth. They will not be welcomed as PRs or even tourists. These Men In Wilderness have returned in a way to fill a gap in our historical records of our founding days. The effort to hear their stories and get them printed is a very enlighten process, and a gracious one, to let our stories be told from a different perspective. And Singaporeans are fortunate to have this side of the story told now than to wait for another century when memories would have been washed clean of whatever historical correctness, for the benefits of our descendants. The permission to allow such a process to take shape and become a reality should be acknowledged. There are many perspectives of the Singapore Story and there are many eye witnesses who have life testimonies to tell. Some may have already written but waiting to be published when the climate is more conducive. Some may have forfeited the chance to tell their stories. With the passing of time, more revelations will be served in the book shelves. The Men In white is a story told by the defeated in a political struggle to run this country. Most of these men and women were steeped in idealism, aspiration, political beliefs and conviction for a social and political cause. Many could have been very successful and eminent dignitaries today if they have not joined politics or have abandoned their chosen cause. They paid a very heavy price for what they stood for. They never regret or recant or complain about their sacrifices. We could, in the future, read books from the second and third waves of defeated and banished politicians in the wilderness. We could also read autobiographies from the discarded Men In White living in our midst, with their versions of bitterness and dissatisfaction with the way things were. These will be interesting read, like kiss and tell novels. Until then, the Singapore Story will still be written like fairy tales, with princes and princesses and an ending that says they live happily ever after.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Those in power hhave the exclusive right to write history. What you say is not a new thing. The Japs hhave written their own version of history which is taught to kids in school. Thhe most interesting part is hhow the Jop govt "interprets" the events of WW2, especially the "activities" of the Jap Imperial Military in China.

Anonymous said...

The Angels(people in whites) are sent to SIN to free the Citizens from subjugations to colonial masters and conquerors.

The MIW are godsend to the people to free the latter from hardships and to keep the people healthy by keeping them useful as productive workers.

The MIW resettled the people from the backward slums(villages) and let the people live in modern public housings with modern utilities and amenities, at prices the MIW dictate.

To put it simply, the MIW are our saviours who make SIN the First World we live in.


redbean said...

hi patriot,

be grateful to the miws that made this place a paradise, those that sacrifice more than they take from the system.