Loan shark country II

Just when you think it is over, just when the men in blue declared war and successes in napping a few runners, they struck again. Saw the news last night that residents in some part of the country have to put a layer of plastics over their doors, windows and walls to avoid the paints that will come in the dark of the night. The loan sharks are quite fearless. Or are they sending out a message, that this is their country and they are the law or above the law, or the law is nothing to them? Yes they can defy the law, and what can the law do to them? The thing is that our reputation as loan shark country is growing and spreading, and loan sharks with deep pockets are sending their funds here from neighbouring countries. Soon we will earn the badge of being the number one loan shark country in the world. Another feather on our cap.


Wally Buffet said...

Oinkle Wong, mount an island wide operation codenamed "Sharkaput" and eradicate this menace to civilized society once and for all. We have the technology, We have the brainy and brawny manpower. All we need is the will.

That was a lovely job cleaning up Geylang. Attaboy. Now they have gone underground, the dirty old viagra virile oinkles and their toys. But at least there is some order and a sense of propriety now when I go for my toady porridge. Now, no need even to queue! Thanks Oinkle. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

IMAGOD said...

Another absolute waste of police resources and public money.

The only real job for the cops is to arrest those pesky "democratic" politicians like CSJ, thus making the SPF the political iron-fist of the govt, so S'pore can remain a single-party, single family state!

Heil Harry!

Travis said...

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