The kangaroo courts of ASEAN

Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to another 18 months of house arrest. The sentence was actually half of what the court passed down, 3 years of hard labour. Her crime, a stupid American, a big fat slop, floated into her house in the night uninvited and stayed there for 2 days. The crime was so serious that that was a big trial and a big sentence. And ASEAN countries rose to their feet and banging their chests against the kangaroo court decision. Somehow I got this funny feeling that they don't sell mirrors in ASEAN. Don't they see kangaroo courts everywhere? Maybe not, some are more equal than others.


Anonymous said...

ASEAN takes great pride that it is pogressive,it is becoming more democratic,and more craps.

Look at poor Africa,very backward region,the worst of the thiord world,but they managed to help Zambawee to bring in an opposition PM,whether it will work out,we dont know.

But time is not on dictator Mugaba's side,obviously he is getting old and waiting for creator to recall him anytime soon.

What has ASEAN done for murderous generals in Myanmar,for more than 50 years,ASEAN did nothing,just talk cock,especially a hall mark of PAP,especially Mr Peanuts and our foreign minister Mr Yeo.

Anonymous said...

Do we have kangaroos in the ASEAN countries?

What's the use of banging their chest? Even the US could do nothing about the North Korean missle tests.

It is better to keep quiet than open their mouths and let others see their toothless whimper.