Does Dark Pool violate the fundamental principles of transparency

Does Dark Pool violate the fundamental principles of transparency in stock trading? We used to read about the Stock Exchange querying companies on unusual movements of their stock prices and trading volumes and demanding to know why. Would these be a thing of the past when secrecy and non transparency are being advocated? Would the stock prices reflected in the stock exchange a real indication of demand and supply when real buying and selling are not done in the exchange? Would genuine small investors be trading on prices that are not a true reflection of real buying and selling interests? Are information being held against them while some organisations are privy to information that posed an unfair advantage similar to insider trading? Would transparency be a thing of the past? Level playing field?


Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean:

Did You not conclude the whole world is full of conjobs ?

The Pure and Sinless World does not exist !

You are idealistic and great disappointment awaits You, however
keep up your good works !


redbean said...

no, i think the world is full of good people. depends on what kind of yardstick you are using. it can all be explained.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Well said. Redbean, "all can be explained"....so true.

Anonymous said...

ho ho ho!

Imagine the acts that Temasek Holdings can do without anybody knowing.

Wally Buffet said...


From his writings, you know this is a very very disappointed man. Well not quite, at least he got some lap dog following him around. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wally;

Comrade Redbean is one capable guy with plenty of interests and concerns.

I hate to see him hurt by his own ideals, for his expectations of the society and leadership can never be realized.

Suggested to him to live better life elsewhere, but, he is just too patriotic to leave.


redbean said...

hi wally, my best lapdog is you know who. thanks for being such a good follower. : )

after lapping up my daily gruel, i doubt you can ever live happily without it for a day.

and thanks again for following me around. this blog needs your presence : )