Another dangerous proposition!

I was greeted by an article in ST by Salma Khalik suggesting insurance coverage for the 85 and above. With all good intention, she made many good reasonings and suggestions on why this group needs insurance coverage and how it could be done. Why is this frightening? Money flying away again. This kind of help, is asking people to take your money for your own good. Please, no more help of such kinds. Please, I am screaming, shouting, no more compulsion or any kind to take the people's money away. I know my kpkb is in vain. This is a sounding board to test whether the docile masses will bite or protest. If not, be prepared, another scheme may come your way. Compulsory insurance scheme for the above 85s. Great, all grounds covered. More money in the lockup. For goodness sake, if one is 85, prepare to leave. Our body is not built to last forever. We are not meant to be here forever. What the shit does one want to live that long for when nothing works? Want another pair of corneas, another pair of lungs, another heart, another stomach? At that age, people shall be contented to live the remaining part of their lives peacefully, with minimum pain. For those who have everything and all the money, please insure all you can and live for as long as you can. Change all the parts if you can afford it. For the average human beans, any day longer is suffering, pain and misery. And the suffering is not only to themselves but to their children and caregivers. What is more merciful? To prolong the pain and suffering, the misery, or to depart when the time has come? Another high faluting idea?


Wally Buffet said...

By the time we are 85, most of our savings are depleted anyway so how many can pay the astronomical sums to insure at this age. Uncle, please don't start to imagine the worst and see ghosts in every shadow. Have a life man! Relac, Relac, Relac lah.

One thing that may come up is legalized euthanasia at an advanced age. So you cannot suka suka just say adios, a hefty fee may be charged plus service and gst. So only the professionals who cannot face life sitting on a rocking chair after a lifetime of turbo charged living or the filthy old rich can afford this procedure. Anyway, good riddance. I am just worried about us 1 roomers and those oldies living from hand to mouth. How are we going to survive in our 80s when the all the joints are bent and creaky, bodily functions are a daily challenge and worst, our little brother can no longer savour the enticing wild flowers plane loaded to us regularly. Frightening.

Anonymous said...

As the sage said, after 50 years of living. every 3 years more is a bonus. By 6o years old, every year is a bonus. After 70 years, you are looking for monthly lease. By the time, you are passed 80 years, you will get only daily renewal.
My opinion is Government shouldn't insist for those above 80 years old to buy insurance. By then, their children had also grown old and also need help themselves. They were not be able to give support. Gov should just provide free health care for those above 80 years FOC. After all, most of them had contributed to GST in SG while they are alive or dead.

Wally Buffet said...

"Gov should just provide free health care for those above 80 years FOC."

Excuse me sir. Anything free is taken out of your pockets. Hope you don't mind paying more GST, maybe 17% should cut it.

Oldies like us living everyday as a bonus sure would like lads like you to give us support. Thank you sir and God Bless. Oops! how come I said a religious thought when I don't believe in anything other than my bank account?

Hehe. Sorry for the toothless laugh!

IMAGOD said...

Insuring 85 year olds is simply not good business -- unless there are enough people to pay the premiums (which would be huge given the statistical "realities").

The person who suggested this is taking absolute rubbish.

The PAP should go back to it's former more conservative stance and encourage families to stay together. Everyone needs to be looked after in the beginning of life and at the end of life, and our species has prevailed for thousands of years without the intervention of the state in these matters in the form of "socialised healthcare".

redbean said...

Feedmetothefish pointed out in his blog that we are very ungrateful to the oldies. many of them slogged through their lives and built the foundation for this country to take off. now we are asking them to slog on, untiringly, as cleaners and sweepers.

can we allow them to retire and enjoy their golden years when they only have to work if they choose to and not having to and provided for by the country if they are too tired to go on?

who are the ungrates? what kind of people are we to expect the oldies to slog on and on and bluffing them that it is good to do so?

what is the point of boasting the billions we have in the nation's coffer when the old have to slog forever? who is benefitting from these billions or who should be benefitting from these billions?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have only themselves to blame for the state of affairs in SIN.