$126m will be spent on screen walls at MRT stations

Finally the MRT has succumbed to public pressure to do what people want it to do, erecting screen walls to show that it cares and it does not want people to jump onto the train tracks or falling onto the tracks accidentally. It sure looks good on the MRT, and the screens also look nice. At $126m, they better look nice. So we can look forward to lesser death. Now people will be smarter and find other venues to jump. HDB might have to wall up all the high rise flats when people go back to jump. Or we may even have screen walls along the roads. Then we can sleep in peace, that we have spent the money and done all we could to keep MRT, HDB and our roads safe from people who want to jump or who accidentally got knock down and die. Our conscience is now clear. We care to the amount of $126m and more akan datang. Who is going to pay for it? Money well spent?


Jaunty Jabber said...

Maybe one day in the future, someone die because he knock his head against the screen wall or some screen walls have collapsed and fall onto to someone, killing that someone. Another few millions will be spent to dismantle all the screen walls.

redbean said...

ya, i think they have not consider this possibility. it will be amazing to see them dismantling the screens in a hurry.

oh, people can be trapped between the train and the screen also. now if that happens.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Someone wrote to the newspaper suggesting that to make installing window grilles mandatory for all condos, after a 3 year old toddler fell from 9th storey.

Wally Buffet said...

Hello, how's everyone.

Nice to be home.

Hehe, I see you are still at your literary best.

Don't worry about who will pay for the screen walls. Like everything else, some revenue will be thought of such as plastering advertisements on it. The shortfall will come out of your pocket via increased MRT fares. Good Luck to all subway commuters. I get discounted travel of 66 cents (maybe will also be raised huh?) so I don't rant so much.

Janice said...

What? u mean they are going to increase the mrt fare again cos' of this screen door? actually if people want to commit suicide, we can't stop them and I agree that with all the pushing in the train, someone will get trap in between the train and screen door, just like the scary case in China where this man got trapped in between and the train still moved off.

Kaffein said...

The root is not having screen doors. Just like filling more water into a leading bucket doesn't cut it as Singaporeans leave their homeland.

Perhaps the government had cornered these people into nowhere to go. A minority are even desperate to set alight an MP, so that tells you quite a fair bit, eh?


redbean said...

i hope while trying to stop people who are bent on dying but ended up setting traps that caught commuters who have no intention to die.

the gaps between the screen walls and the trains are going to be a magnet to lure commuters into them. and now there are so many of them, a pair at each door.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Once the screen is demonstrated to kill people, they will be dismantled.

Wally Buffet said...

Dimwits imagining all kinds of weird scenarios. Don't you think that the MRT would have thought about it? Just get ready for the advertisements and the fare increases.

Anonymous said...


Thot after exposing your cover you had run to hide. So after getting a new brief you are back again.

Anonymous said...

This is again money spent needlessly on a serious planning mistake in not having screen walls originally.

It is just the same kind of mistake they made by not providing lifts on every floor of HDB flats. Now they are just correcting the mistakes and capitalising on that as a vote buying scheme.

If they increase fares as a result of providing those screen doors, it is really adding insult to injury.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Govt philosophy: If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.


If the fuckers had to pay the money out of their own pockets, I doubt the total sum would exceed a few tens of thousand dollars.

All you need are signs and some barbed wire. And those who are foolish enough to ignore the obvious barriers, fuck 'em — let them get minced by the train.

The "paternalism" of the govt is nauseating.

redbean said...

it costs $138k for a screen door!

yes matilah, a roll of simple barbwire will do the trick.

unbelieveable that they spent this kind of money. how to justify to the shareholders and the commuters who will eventually have to pay for it?

it is so indecent.