10 is to 11 or 12, or 11 or 12 is to 10

After economy recovers, 10 workers should do the work of 11 or 12 – Lim Swee Say Can we have similar quotes like 10 ministers doing the work of 11 or 12 ministers, or 10 MPs doing the work of 11 or 12 MPs, or 10 MDs doing the work of 11 or 12 MDs? The answer is obvious. The higher it goes, the more difficult and complex is the job. You really need 11 to 12 ministers to do the job of 10 ministers, 11 or 12 MPs to do the job of 10 MPs, and 11 or 12 MDs to do the job of 10 MDs.


Anonymous said...

They are really living in the ivory towers. Now, we have jobless problem. For so many years, people were upgrading until one person can do two to three peoples work. SG should go back to less efficent means so that more people can be employed instead of going the effiency way.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are going to have a govt — especially one which is big and expensive, because of the "super talents" it has to attract, then it is best to go down the road of complete chaos.

Forget about trying to be "frugal" or "cautious"...don't even think of "efficient". There is no need, since you can get as much money as you like by taxing the shit out of people's already bleeding rectums.

Therefore, 100 people should be employed in the govt to do the same job of just a few in the private sector or real family business. In the govt sector, there should be many cooks and many broths...each cook just adding his "stuff" willy-nilly to any of the broths... complete chaos. Get paid doing everything suka-suka.

When you have an endless supply of OPM (other peoples' money) you can do what the heck you like.

Wally Buffet said...

His statement tells you that we are still short of workers. Is it a signal to boost the population to 10 million? Quick, go and queue for your condo. Chope first. When the PRC comes, they will have to pay and pay to buy it from you!


Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Say is telling Singaporeans to 'pow sua, pow hai' or at least prepare to take all kind of shits the employers throw to the workers.

He is a Labour Minister that advocate exploitations of workers.

How does workers bear to be members of his union ? Hard to understand !

Matilah_Singapura said...

Seriously, I don't think the Sway-man has ever got his hands dirty doing a real job, perhaps for a rude and nasty boss who is intimidates his employees by constantly threatening to fire them.

Fuckers who work for the state have never met a payroll in their life or used their own assets to back their very own commercial venture. Many of them have never been poor nor hungry and have grown up educated in bullshit ideology which has programmed their minds to believe that human kind can be "engineered" into some form of "perfect" system.

It is these magical powers along with their (useless) million-dollar education which justifies their high salaries.

You know the guy has never run his own shop by the way he speaks: "10 people can do 11 people's job". What the fuck? Does that sound like the person speaking has any business experience?

Anonymous said...

Fancy our PM getting more and more people to help him do his job and here we have a joker telling us that 10 workers should do the work of 11 or 12.

I thought the job of Unions is to make working conditions easier for workers, not to make it more intolerable.

Singaporeans really deserve the Government they voted for. And workers really deserve the Union they supported. They should not complain about getting a stick in their arses.

Jaunty Jabber said...

The way Mr Minister talks is like saying the ability/efficiency of a man is not based on his capability & intelligence, but the economy.

Is he telling a joke, how come it is not funny?

redbean said...

it is like saying, working their ass out. the workers must work, and must work harder, instead of sitting on their asses.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Then they better create enough decent jobs to encourage people to work non-stop. And the jobs should pay decently so it is worthwhile to work until the day we die.

Anonymous said...

Jobs are decent alright, but, the exploitations of workers are plain for everybody to see.

Check out the pays of cleaners, security personnels(commercial) and landscape/horticulture and other daily-rated workers. Most are not covered with medical/public holiday benefits.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The problem with idiots who work for govt is that they have probably never done an honest HARD day's work in their life, for LOW pay, and meet the commitments to their family etc.

This is exactly the life of many 'ordinary' people -- they work because they have to. They struggle with their finances, and still are able to find some fulfilment and meaning in life. They are not 'famous' or 'special' or 'super-elite' but they still get on with it and nuture their children, and enjoy friendships.

Back to elite govt 'officials'...Manual labour? Forget it! Most of these folks have had servants and minions tending to their needs. Probably had amahs running after them and wiping their backsides when they were children.

ALL JOBS which serve customers have dignity - even the dirty jobs.

The super elites have lost touch with reality. I would like to see them 'tahan' a hard dirty low paid job -- which benefits others, and then see if they can still talk the shit they talk.

redbean said...

while the losers were getting their orgasm for buying their prized possession of a 500 sq ft pte property for $500k, 200 units of Lamborghini flew off the shelf last year at $1.6m a piece. and these are small change to the super rich.

redbean said...

while the losers were getting their orgasm for buying their prized possession of a 500 sq ft pte property for $500k, 200 units of Lamborghini flew off the shelf last year at $1.6m a piece. and these are small change to the super rich.

and some of the old HDB rich are downgrading to cash out for $400k to become little emperors in lijiang.

wally, just using this as an example. i also want to cash out and be a little concubine in lijiang. no need to be an emperor : )

Anonymous said...

Lim Swee Swee can sweet-talk a bird to come down from a tree. That's him. This man never fails to amaze me the moment he opens his mouth. Workers better be careful because one fine day he may even persuade union members to sell their backsides too, for the good of the economy.

Sell backsides to save jobs lah!