Would Singapore become another Mexico?

Brookes Business School was ordered to close by the MOE for issuing fake degrees. Now its subsidiary, Stamford Global Learning is also ordered to close. The former had 400 students while Stamford Global has 40. How would this affect Singapore's reputation as a world class education centre? Would Singapore be avoided like Mexico from the H1N1 flu, in this case, fake degree flu? To quote an affected China student, 'If people in China hear about this, fewer of them will come to Singapore.' This is not the first time such things happened. Is it so difficult to avoid such a mess? Just a few phone calls to the universities concerned will do the trick. Maybe it is too troublesome, too big a job. Maybe it is nobody's responsibility. Oh, free market, self regulations, caveat emptor. Now I am wondering how serious is this fake degree flu and how far it is going to spread. Totally irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

No need to guess lah,it shall happen.

Wally Buffet said...

My regular KTV hostess is worried that her school will also have to close and she will have no place to attach to for a student visa to stay in Singapore to work for the next six months.

She has been studying English for the past 3 months but the only words she can utter is, "No Money, No Honey!" Fortunately, my mandarin is superlatively good so we don't have communication problems!


Anonymous said...

The KTV hostess can stay in my place if she is very beautiful. She will feel safe in my place because there will be camera all over the shop, in bathroom, in toilet, in bedroom, in changing room so that she will be safe from terrorist and opp party.

Wally Buffet said...

Hey Chee Ko Pek :-), the KTV hostess's accomodation is well taken care of thank you. It's just that to have a visa to remain in Singapore for six months, she must pretend to be a "student" and go to classes in our, ahem.....grand education hub. Sometimes, she don't have to go to classes, just sign the attendance register will do. What a big scam! Now with such fly-by-night "schools" tumbling down like bowling pins, she is worried that she will have no school to "attend" and thus her visa will be cancelled and she will have to go back to the Sua Teng village somewhere in Liaoning. Anyway, she's no academic material in the first place! WTF!

redbean said...

i think the authority should authorise fly by nite schools for such students. no need case trust or any other trust. just honestly put on the signboard, Fly By Nite Skool for fly by nite students.

caveat emptor. no one is cheating anyone. no innocent and genuine students will be cheated.