Sweet dream turning into a nightmare

I was at this long queue of happy people waiting for our angpows. The queue was long but the people did not mind. The govt had announced that it would be giving out $2b worth of angpows to the people as part of the Sharing the Nation's Angpow Programme(SNAP). This was mooted several years back and was finally being implanted. Profits from the country's investment of our reserves would be shared with the people. At an estimated sum of $500b and a 3% return it would give a neat profit of $15b annually. Of this, $2b would be shared with the people so that the golden goose would not be killed in the process. Everyone was in the queue. And so was I. Then screams were heard and the queue scattered in all directions. No angpow, not for another 10 years at least. The fund managers need to earn back the $100b that were lost. Without the loss, $100b at $2b a year could be spreaded and given to the people for 50 years. Now we have to live with not angpows. The people were angry but that was how fate had dealt the people a nasty blow. We had a lot of money and wanted to make more. Through no fault of anyone, the world financial system collapsed on our investment. It was a sweet dream that turned into a nighmare. Then I woke up feeling pissed.


Anonymous said...

"Through no fault of anyone, the world financial system collapsed on our investment."

what was that I read a couple of days ago, white colour crime.

redbean said...

oh, you remember : )

i have amnesia.

Wally Buffet said...

That fiasco is over and the money is gone. No point beating one's chest and have nightmares every night dreaming about what might have been.

Even my idol makes investment mistakes but overall, it's positive territory.

Going forward, learn from the mistakes, invest astutely to make up for the losses.

Anonymous said...

Nightmares in your sleeps are mere dreams.

Nightmare in the day is what most Singaporeans are suffering now haunted by living ghosts that run their(Singaporeans) live.

It is terrible plus horrible.


Anonymous said...

My best wishes to those who habour high hope for this country.They are my fellow citizens

As for me,I decided to encourage my children to seek greener posture,and my son just told me that he decided to stay back in Australia after his degree.

I am quite happy about it,although I can't say that this must be the right decision,but I feel that it is the right decision after watching PAP for 65 years.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of having nightmares when you know the money doesn't belong to you as citizens?

Let it go man.

Let them have it and when their time comes, just burn it like joss papers. Then all problems will be solved and everybody goes back to their peaceful ways. No more quarrels and arguments about how many percent we will get, how much we made or how much we lost, how much we have left.

Let it go!

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

Here comes the welfare/entitlement mentality.

Matilah Singapura!