Silly thoughts and silly excuses

The departure of Chip Goodyear from Temasek has spawned a series of silly talks and excuses in all the gossip corners. There were things like globalisation needs a foreigner to front the unit. Now I know why we employed so many foreign talents. Or we need a foreigner to be more transparent. For this I will suggest just wearing a see through plastic sheet will be better. And, yes, if we want to invest in America, we need a foreigner, or better still, an American to show our sincerity. Shit, who would want to put more money into a country with an economy that can go bust any time or with a dollar that may turn into banana money. Now what else were reported? Oh, fine for attending meeting late. That must be a super talented idea. Saving money for the organisation. I will wait to hear more funny stories. But mind you, all these funny episodes do not come cheap.


Anonymous said...

the joke is on we(public) and Chip(however walks away with $$ & some inside knowledge which he cannot share publicly). The joke might be on govt. mostly.

Anonymous said...

The joke is on the Singapore public. MOF and the executives in Temasek still gets their big paycheque every month. Chip gets a golden handshake. The tax payers pay the bill. No one is held accountable. Singapore is like any country in the world with a bungling bureaucracy. It's just that they can spin it very well because they control the mainstream media. As the saying goes, falling into shit and still coming out smelling like roses.

Jaunty Jabber said...

And then the education system who have produced so many supertalents who are well equipped with words.

Words are used to justify any kind of situation.
Need no real evident or action to justify, merely use the words one have learnt.

Words is the most poisonous drug the humankind has invented, and the supertalents know exactly how to prescribe such drugs. Ill effect after some wrong drugs (words) were prescribed? Nevermind, use some other drugs (words) to counter the side effect.

Anonymous said...

Words can be used to educate, tell, inform and communicate.

Words can also be used to con, lie, bluff and cheat.