Putin was furious

Putin has been on a warpath against the high cost of living in Russia. He yelled at the grocer for selling sausages at $11! To him it was too expensive though the grocer told him it was good quality. He was on a rampage and took it personally to bring down the high cost of living. I was wondering what would he say if he knew that the flats at Duxton Pinnacles that could be sold at $300K was sold at $500k because the market forces said so, because people were willing to pay for it? Maybe if he were a Singapore leader he would say differently, and said, 'Very clever!' Or 'Good for the economy.'


Wally Buffet said...

Wished we have a Putin instead of all the puddings in Parliament.


redbean said...

we will probably have comments like 'why sell so cheap? price according to affordability. how much they are willing to pay, make them pay.'

check how much they have in the CPF first.