An old story rehashed

He was a botak, with short crew cuts, not the stylish marine type. A typical Chinaman style, nothing fashionable. He wore a short sleeve white shirt, and probably a pair of China brand leather shoes. His office was just as spartan. Outside his office there would be a queue of well dressed western gentlemen in fine business suits and expensive briefcases, waiting eagerly to meet him. Once in his office they put on their best manner to present what they want, to sell to this Chinaman. The boorish, apparently ill mannered Chinaman would stroke his botak head, dug his nose or popped up his denture occasionally, while listening to the elaborate presentations. He controlled a war chest in the multi millions, to buy expensive equipment. The polished and well dressed gentlemen were there, eager to please him, all for his nod to get to his money. Yes, they came for his money. The moral of the story is that when they want your money, they will queue up and be nice to you, no matter who you are. You can be a little dictator, a military junta or a cruel monarch, they will come to please you to part with your money. We have plenty of money in our sovereign funds, and in our stock markets. We need not go around the world begging the thieves to take it. They should be the one begging for the money. We need not live by their rules and dictation. Why should we employed an Angmo to front our SWF or other set ups that we paid for? Because the thieves said so? Because the thieves demanded that it be so or else they would not want to take our money? Just like the stockmarkets around the world, the thieves and robbers will come if there is money to make. There is no need to bend backwards to accommodate them, to play by their rules, or rules designed and determined by them to their advantage. We have the money. We have money flowing out of our pockets. We need not be beggars, to plead with the thieves to come and take it. They will come. When they said no, they do not want your money, they are bluffing.


Anonymous said...

Yes, thieves come in many forms, whether they are real or phantom. whether they are internal or external.
what could Sg do about it? Based on costs and benefits many policing activities such as the public works services, ultilities services, telecom services etc were eliminated. THey were privatised in the name of efficiency. Therefore the police had converted to thief, Privatising these institutions eliminated the policing roles and encourage theiving activities. Very confused blurrrrrrr. Need to wake-up, Singaporean.

IMAGOD said...

Simple uncomfortable truth that many people have emotional issues with:

No money, no talk .

Wally Buffet said...

Only Robinson Crusoe didn't have to face any crooks in his day to day living.

Get over it.

Anonymous said...

The Americans and Europeans selling Insurances and other Financial Products came here with nothing tangible and were allowed to sell papers with some words for huge sums of money.


it is Singaporeans that made their businesses successful by getting locals to be their customers.

How ? Are we too generous or naive ? ?

IMAGOD said...

> Are we too generous or naive ? ?

I would say as a general rule, most people are scape-goaters — they buy because their "trusted" friends/family buy and then refuse to take responsibility when the asset turns to dust, seeking immediately to blame someone else: govt, bank, insurance company, the broker...ad naseum.

Nobody forces anyone to buy anything in this case. A person is only a "thief" if he takes without your permission. If you willingly hand over the goodies because you're looking for a "good deal"...

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