Not too long ago

I wonder how many of you remember the school days when a bus from the Institute of Health would arrive at the school weekly to fetch students for dental treatment. All the scalings, extractions, fillings and dentures were provided free to the students. And after each treatment, the bus would send the children back to schools, all the time accompanied by a nurse. It must be a very costly operation as there were many schools and many school children needing dental care. Those were the early years of our nationhood when the country was not that rich. But we could afford it. It was govt taking care of the people. Today, we don't even bat an eyelid for losing hundreds of billions. But healthcare is no longer free and no longer cheap. We could not afford it. Or it would lead to abuses, the country will go broke. Strange tale isn't it.


Wally Buffet said...

I also remember a time when there were no Beamers, Mercz or Audi for the average Joe. You want to own these marque? Well, you gotta be a millionaire (nowadays Billionaire). Also, the average family do not take annual vacations out of the country and I am not talking about the quickie jaunt to Batam or Batu Pahat to see the temples.

Then, you don't get to see a specialist unless you were on the last leg of your current life. Nowadays, if you feel like it, you can have a professor attend to you and all at a very nominal cost.

Redbean, times have changed. Although we are oldies, we must march with the times and think, act, earn, enjoy life like the young.

I don't relish eating in dirty, gang infested Hock Lam Street like I used to. Now, it's the gleaming, airconditioned and comfy malls for me.

redbean said...

i am very sure that the free dental care provided in the past were of equally high standard than today. these were the basic treatment required by the students then and now. but you pay much more today for it.

we should upgrade and enjoy the improved facilities and quality of services and health care. but are the fees another version of market pricing for profit?

oh, privatised services, must be market pricing and to make profit and more profit. making profit from who and to benefit who?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, if I remember correstly, I think at one time the Ministry of Health was unhappy with some private dental clinics charging lower rates than others. They were told to tow the line.

Now, this is the kind of society we are living in today. Even the opposition wards are not allowed to have free lift upgrading because the ruling party does not offer free lift upgrading.

Peasants are expected to follow the ruling class.

What else can I say?

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

The wealth of the individuals in the society has increased.

Actually, there is no reason why the dental students can't "practice" on the kids. However, I can see a few issues with culpability and law suits by outraged parents should something go wrong, and it will.

Universal healthcare with lead to very bad outcomes. It has never worked, and can never work.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Unrelated, but I'll post it here and redbean might develop some ideas around it:

Here comes more of the "cheaper" foreign talent:


Singapore grads... are you up to the challenge of competition?

Anonymous said...

When I was in Primary School, there was a Dental Room manned by a dental nurse. Student can see the nurse when they wished to. The dentist came to the School on a regular schedule.

Me was warded at SGH in my teen, full blood transfusion was carried out for me, as I suffered from Anaemia. Until today, five decades later, I still recall the wonderful service that I received at SGH and the dedications of the Staff then.

Must say here that all treatments and hospitalisation were FREE. Visiting hours were strictly enforced except on special reasons.
We, patients and family members respect the Medical/Hospital Staff as though they were our saviours.

Today, patients and their kins are treated according to the Classes they are admitted, so to say, the services vary and tally with the fee patient pays. Yonder past was common wards and intensive wards, not the many classes of wards we see now.

Even if we have to pay, which I think is justified if and when profit is not made the main concern. In cases of mass outbreak of contagious diseases, fees must be brought down to the bare minimum, as part of the State's responsibility. And for those who cannot afford, they must be attended to free of charges for the safety of others.


Ah Seng said...

it will be another 20-30 years before we can make up for all we had lost.. so SIN belt up for the rough ride.. it a problem when the power is in a few hands. .. it a problem when the old refuses to retire ... it is problem when the gang of 13 or 12 sit for lunch to lalabye & not nothing abuses. Bye bye CPF.. bid your CPF goodbye.. while the magician turns his figures round and round.

redbean said...

hi Ah Seng,

welcome to the blog. actually we are very rich. if there are good opportunities, we can still afford to take our a few billion to buy up a few more banks.