The new way forward

The headline in the ST today, Surgeons cleared but hospital was negligent. This was about a case where the kidney donor died of internal bleeding after the operation. The judge found that 'the hospital had been "negligent and had breached it's duty" when it failed to monitor the patient during those 90 minutes after her operation. It was reported that during an autopsy it was discovered that 'clips had apparently slipped from her cut renal artery' and she died from internal bleeding. Who is the hospital by the way? So it is the failure of the hospital to do its job thoroughly. And the hospital is found guilty and has to pay damages and costs. This is very similar to the minibond fiasco when the parties found responsible and punished were organisations. No human beans were involved or responsible. This is a good way to go forward. No need to be personal, just blame the organisation and punish the organisation.

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Anonymous said...

If no one, from the top to the bottom, wants to be responsible, placing the guilt onto an organization and or system, will free the guilty (hu)man.