Mechanical Appointees

I have a solution that will help organisations to cut cost. Organisations that think that they are paying too much for their Chairmans can head to ToysRUs and grab a mechanical toy. Bring it back, pin a name tag on it with the word 'Chairman' and plant it on the Chairman's office. By so doing they can save all the cost of paying for a Chairman. They don't come cheap today. And the best part of it is that they can happily fire the Chairman to appease the unhappy employees or shareholders should the oganisation fail to perform or make losses. And they can walk back to ToysRUs to get a newer model, version 1.1 to replace the ineffective one. I don't think such toys will cost very much. The same concept can be applied to Directors of companies. Any busy director who is unable to attend board meetings can send a mechanical toy as his representative in the board meetings. At least when he collects his director fee his attendance record is perfect. I claim intellectual property rights to this idea and anyone practising it only needs to pay me 10% of his first year income. ToysRUs can also pay me a small commission for higher sales of mechanical toys.

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Wally Buffet said...

There are some jokers who can become directors of hundreds of companies. Their job is just to zip from company to company the whole day in their chauffeured limos. When they are in the meeting, they just nod their heads and raise their hands and presto, it's a few thousands into their bank accounts just before the AGM. Real parasites if you ask me.

A truly representative board would comprise representatives from the following:

1. The majority shareholders.
2. The minority shareholders.
3. Suppliers and creditors to the company.
4. Employees
5. Govt. and regulatory bodies.

The proportionate representation can be prearranged according to business type.

Forget about what I wrote above. It's just daydreaming!