Making a statement

A political secretary to a Selangor executive councillor Ean Yong Hian Wah was found dead after being interrogated by the MACC, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, on his boss. He was not the target of the investigation. 30 year old Teoh Beng Hock, due to get married next week, was found dead 9 floors below the MACC office in the wee hours of the morning. Did he commit suicide after a fierce marathon interrogation session? Or there was foul play? Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said the police had not rule out foul play. And if there were foul play, who would be in the MACC office in those hours were obvious. Or would it be some thieves who entered the building and saw Teoh and decided to bungle him over the window? An ordinary citizen being called up for interrogation inside a govt office ended up dead from falling over the window. How could people die so easily inside a govt office? Is someone trying to make a statement or a kind of warning? What is the statement that is being made and to who? Would it be better to pronounce him insane and lock him up in a mental hospital, or file a sodomy charge against him instead of simply bungling him over the window? The statement is a statement of fear, of who is the boss.


Wally Buffet said...

The deceased had a lot going for him. He was due to be married in two weeks time. He would also be a father in seven months. Would someone with so much to look forward to, take his own life? Not likely and foul play is definitely on the cards. The question is, by whom? And perhaps on whose orders?

That quagmire of a country is no longer what it used to me. Dirty politics, corruption infested and also home to hitmen and assorted villians. Every politician has an agenda and not an altruistic one at that. They spend more time bickering, indulging in horse trading politics than working for the good of the country. That's why the Dinggit is now trading at 2.46 to our S$. By year's end, it is projected to hit 3 to 1. What a blessing to us! So don't. repeat, don't buy any properties there just yet. if ever. You can get it much much cheaper in a few month's time.

Anonymous said...

I think 'sodomy' is reserved for Anwar and copyrighted. Nowadays you cannot talk about sodomy without remembering Anwar and the TV footage of the mattress being carried in and out of the police van.

On a more serious note, I think Malaysia is going to be left far behind by its neighbours to the North, if the present situation in the country persists with corruputed politicians, corrupted police force and corrupted civil servants running the country.

Greed is good? So be it.

Lost Citizen

night owl said...

Malaysia politics rear its ulgy head, if this is not resolved properly where the parties involved are taken to court and prosecuted.Malaysia's police & judiciary system will be in focus and non-action will mean downwards spiral for Malaysia.

Have you been to cowboy town where cowboys take guns and rifles on board the plane in the name of power and law. maybe buses these days.. Are police also cowboy with hats and waist hanging guns just like clint eastwood show - will malaysia head up this way..

Malayasia need a decisive execution of the prepetrators to send a strong message ..unless the reverse is the desired position.

redbean said...

hi night owl, welcome to the blog.

the bumiputras are still practising a policy that they own the country and can do whatever they want to anyone that is not a bumiputra regardless of citizenship and rights of an individual. you can't even rely on the rule of law as the rule of law sanctions what they are doing to the minorities.

nationality is not important, being bumiputra is.