Hello, anyone in?

Is there anyone responsible for anything anymore? Is there anyone able enough to do anything right or everyone has done his best and this is what we are getting? What, what, sorry wrong number. If anyone is asking me what am I talking, I also don't know. These words just keep ringing in my ears.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Not quite the case that no one is responsible for anything anymore. If you eat or drink in the MRT station, you are liable to pay $30 as a form of social responsibility. I am confused: after paying $30, can I continue to eat? If I receive a ticket of $30 penalty from the MRT officer when I am half-way through chewing my sandwich, can I continue to eat my sandwich once I pay the sum? Have I purchased the rights to eat?

Our government is very responsible, they care not only about our houses, our cars, our jobs, our family sizes, but also when & where we eat & drink.

Anonymous said...

Don't be funny ! Oops! I mean don't be skeptical. Every Singaporean is a responsible bean.

Any Singaporean not responsible will be fined and taught to be responsible, unless and of course you have the power to exonerate your wrongs and sinful deeds.

Don't fret too much Sir, no one responsible does not mean there will be no one answerable or culpable. It is just a matter of time and history will be written with all the glories as well as the infamies.

Stay tune; we are all witnesses though not history makers.

Anonymous said...

You will have to pay another $30 or more if you continue to eat because that will be a second offence. You will receive a third fine, a fourth until you stop eating.

Because it says, "NO EATING".

Jaunty Jabber said...

So obedient.

Whenever there is fine, people submit to obey, even though it means altering the natural way to leave.

As long as there is no littering, why prohibit eating? Not every country with mass transport system prohibit eating & drinking.

If Singapore is a gracious country, people will take care of the environment and personal behavior in the public.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can never be a gracious country. Not when its top leaders are themselves petty, vindictive and unforgiving.

We can have campaigns every other day about nurturing a gracious society, but that can never make this a gracious country. It is something deeper than that.

Lost Citizen