Authoritarian state and practices

George Bush started by prying into the private lives of people using the excuse of security after the 911 bombing. Now prying into people's privacy is no longer the exclusive practice of authoritarian states. Britain just uncovered journalists tapping into individuals phone lines to listen to their private affairs and to obtain private and confidential information from them. How far can a state violate the privacy of the individual in a non authoritarian state? Nothing to talk about in authoritarian system as that is a way of life. What about private organisations taking the same excuse and pry into the privacy of their employees? There are many ways that this can be done. The CCTV is everywhere and can be turned into a monster in the hands of unprincipled and uncrupulous scums. On the excuse of monitoring the security of the building, they could sit down, have a cup of coffee, and review everything inside the lift, or people accessing the building, watching them in close details in the privacy of their offices. They will watch whether he/she will be adjusting their private parts inside the lifts, pasting whatever they dug out from their noses onto the lift walls or any peculiar traits. Then the tapping of phone lines can also be easily abused. There is no privacy when your phone lines are tapped and people can enjoy listening to your flirtation with whoever is on the other sides. And if the other party happens to be an unsuspecting high govt official, he would not be too happy if one day someone is going to reveal what he/she said over the phone. It is so precarious, so scary, when monsters are lurking around, wearing ties and suits like perfect gentlemen. But they think they have all the right to pry into your lives, listen to your private conversations as their god given rights. And they have no moral conscience to even realise that it is wrong, unethical to do such a thing. It is an abuse of the system and a breach of trust. The authoritarian practices are found abundantly in the democratic world as well, where little unscrupulous warlords run their little henhouses.


Anonymous said...

this is how power that be $$, corporations and Govts. make worker bees to toe the line... rock the boat and feel the consequences. recently I was watching a press briefing from Iranian foreign office and it was accusing western media of inciting and hacking.

toe the line this is the future... welcome and embrace it

Wally Buffet said...

Some animals with two legs piss in the lifts of the 3 room block where I stay. My bike gets the wheels stolen, again by two legged animals. I wished the town council would install CCTVs in the lifts as well as common areas like the lift lobbies and the corridors to nab these pigs. One has no fears about privacy if one is not doing anything wrong. We just want to live like human beings not deranged animals.

Spying between nations and even between corporations is nothing new. During the cavemen period, the Chief will send his spies to peep through the leaves of the makeshift abode to spy on his followers. We do the same nowadays but with 21st century technology. The trick is to employ means to counter this so called invasion of privacy if one is paranoid enough.

All states are guilty of obnoxious practices to gather information. This is not the monopoly of the "authoritarian" states. In fact so called western democracies are the worst culprits. Never trust the word "freedom" which they bandy around like candy. It could be laced with arsenic.

Trust no one. Only your dog will not turn you in, even if it could.


redbean said...

hi wally,

in 3 rm environment, that is what you can expect, piss. if you stay in high end apartments, they spray chanel no 5 in the lifts.

and if you go to 1 rm flats, be prepared for shit in the lift : )

Wally Buffet said...

When I go to my 1 room rental flat, be assured that I will organize a mini "shadow" town council to take care of all the maintenance where the real town council has been remiss. We will have a "silver" cleaning brigade comprising all the able bodied residents to make sure inter alia, that there are no shit in the lifts, the corridors are kept clean and all lightings are in good order. We will also patrol the block to keep out undesirable elements from propagating all sorts of "pollution". The day I move in to the rental block, life as they know it, will change forever.

redbean said...

now that's the type of leadership that the 1 rm community needs. but don't be disappointed. many of the oldies are uneducated and boorish.

they need a shepherd to lead them out of darkness. and here comes wally.

Anonymous said...

Don't frighten me leh! Just when I am thinking of downgrading to a 1- roomer or rental flat, you guys come up with all these horror stories.

Do they really spray chanel no. 5 in the lifts of high end apartments? Do the residents have to pay for them by the way?

LHL said that in this world there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

oh, for those people in high end apartments, what is channel no 5 to them. they may bathe in a bath tub fill with it.

those are the lucky people, really living and enjoying life in paradise.

if you live in paradise, you have angels for company. if you live in hell, you will have lepers around you. so, who do you think will be your neighbours? they may mistaken you and paint your door with O$P$ too.

Anonymous said...

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