Year 2025 - A wedding

Now it is year 2025, and I am still alive. All my friends are still kicking around too, not mati yet. And I got a call from my anonymous friend. Hi Redbean, my son is getting married next Sat. You are invited. OH congrats. He must have found a beautiful bride. Ahem, not like that man. My son is the bride. And the groom is a tall and handsome Greek god, bronze in colour man. Wow, that must be exciting. So, you aren't planning to be a grandpa? Not really, they said they will adopt one from Kampuchea and one from Mamiya. So I will have two grandchildren. And I am truly happy to see them together. My son is so happy when he is with him. It is all about finding true happiness man. Great. So is the event formal or informal? Redbean, you are really 'swa koo'. This is year 2025, where got formal or informal. OK, then I will come in my tux top and jeans bottom. Would that be cool enough? Just come in whatever you like lah, as long as it is pink. Ok, no problem, I will just bleach one of my red shirt overnight. That shall do the trick. Oh, just for your info, the wedding is approved by the govt. How so? What has the govt got to do with the wedding. You son or son in law must be somebody important huh? It is like that lah, they are holding it at Hong Lim Park. Anything held there is approved by the govt. Oh, that's true huh. So clever. I am really looking forward to the wedding. I have been shooting orchids and dragonflies all my life. Now I have something real exciting to shoot at. Will be there. The above could be the reality of the future generations. Don't pray pray.


Jaunty Jabber said...


For that wedding, based on Chinese tradition, invited relatives & friends will give a Pinkbao to the couple right? Hongbao is outdated, Pinkbao shall be more appropriate.

redbean said...

the world is changing and we are changing, for better or for worst. there is a high possibility that this will be the future.

by 2025, many of us will not be here and it will be an era for the new generations to carve for themselves.

CatFightLover said...

In the year 2025 and in the scenario you just described, any aliens visiting our planet will not need to invade Planet earth. They know that it will just self destruct in time.

And this is what the Head Honcho in the mother ship will say:

"What a friggin' planet. Leave them alone. Let's go home. There are better and saner planets to conquer. Uluz, warp speed! We gotta get out of here pronto."

He He.

Anonymous said...

Fret not friends ! And take it easy.

Things go in cyclee, for all you know, abstinence will be the most popular fad in ones' existence.

And then, there will be worries again about the continuity of the human species.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Redbean, I prefer that you remain a redbean, not to fade into a pink one.

redbean said...

to me, being red, pink or white is a lifestyle choice. i have the choice.

but to some, it is not a lifestyle choice. some are born red, pink and white. we have to accept them as they are.

i will be very disturbed when one is born red or white and choose to be pink. our society will go down the gutters if it endorses such lifestyle choice. when it is a choice, it is a bad choice if one has the choice.

but some will say it is a good choice or normal choice.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Both Red & White are the primary colours. Pink is not primary, thus should not be taught to the child that Pink has originity. Pink cannot be formed without Red & White.