Where are the opposition MPs?

I watched the Parliament report on Channel 5 last night hoping to see Chiam See Tong or Low Thia Kiang speaking in Parliament. No clips on them and Sylvia Lim either. I saw a lot of Siew Kum Hong. But yesterday's Parliament appeared to be hosted by Amy Khor. She was everywhere. So the opposition MPs must all be sleeping. Then I turned on the ST today. Oh, Low Thia Kiang did make a pretty long speech. At least the ST was generous enough to offer him some space, but no picture still. Can Channel 5 be generous enough to give a little coverage to the opposition MPs? If not, if they are not seen, people may think that they are all sleeping.


Disgusted said...

Aiya Redbean.... isn't this very typical of mediacorpse? The CEO has been appointed solely to please his master.Why want to focus on the opposition MPs who are of no advantage to him? I don't know why I'm paying the TV license?!! Unlike BBC which is impartial but reporting with a Conscience. Our MSM just sucks!

redbean said...

hi disgusted,

maybe they will give more coverage for the opposition after chok tong said must be fair to all. but got to wait for the change to come.

Anonymous said...

Chok Tong is a has-been. He could not be his own man when he was PM, what makes you think he is in any position to influence govt policy when he is no longer PM? The only reason he's still in Cabinet is to justify MM's presence there as well. I don't understand why you have so much faith in what he says.

Anonymous said...

He not only had no influence on Govt policies, he could not even make use of the luxury of his position to convince residents of opposition held wards to vote for the PAP, even with promises of upgrading thrown in during the last election.

What else can I say?

Lost Citizen