Was David Widjaja murdered?

This is a very serious question to ask. The family of David is protesting at the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta claiming that he was murdered. This is a big shift from the position first made known in our local media that he committed suicide by jumping down the building. How could his family be so certain when our professionals covering the case, they must be equally certain, that he committed suicide? Even the statements made by all the important people concerned pointed to the suicide road. What would be the truth? A suicide or murder cannot be so vague and grey that two parties are so certain of their opposing positions. Our forensic experts must be able to pin point the cause of death in this case with a high level of certainty. I certainly hope the truth will see the light to vindicate that justice and the rule of law are what our system stands for. And for David to rest in peace and his family appeased.


CatFightLover said...

It is natural for the bereaved family not to believe that their child took his own life. We see states of denial in every situation of life.

On the balance of probabilities and having read all known facts about the case, I trust the findings of our Men in Blue.

Anonymous said...

The People, involved in the Case, investigated/investigating, the University are silent.

Why ? ? ?


Anonymous said...

It has been label as suicide by NTU and the MSM, even before the Police have time to investigate. Actually to date, there has not be an official statement from the police about the outcome of the investigation.

By the way, in reply to CatFightLover:
Maybe you should visit SDP website and read about the comedy of errors by our Men in Blue.

CatFightLover said...

These SDP jokers are trying to politicize the whole sordid affair.

Leave investigating to the professionals lah.

Daniel Ling said...

Just a personal opinion. If the MSM has already came out with Their Opinions that David committed suicide even though MIB did not give a statement, then they should be more professional in their Investigation.

Otherwise, they shouldn't be so firm in their Opinion. Note that the MSM did not phrase it as a Question but rather as a Statement that it is a Suicide. It was not phrase as is it a Suicide? I think the difference is pretty important.

Likewise for the Uni since MIB did not make a statement yet.

Additionally, some of the facts do not link up well which is why there's now room for suspicion. So the MIB should actually take initative and lead the investigation and update transparently so as not to create more Conspiracy Theories. Which they did not do.

Let me just give a example.

Imagine your family member was Murdered but reported as Commited suicide due to some Undesirable Reason.

So now, not only have u lost a Love one, additionally, the reputation of this love one of yours have been smeared. Thus if there is Life after Death, I think your Love One would not rest in peace.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Now I wonder if it is the reporters who never do a good job or the police have not done a good job? Or both never do their job? Or both have done their best?

Anonymous said...

"Now I wonder if it is the reporters who never do a good job or the police have not done a good job?"
that's the point. Neither of them want to confirm each other's findings so people will not know who to question and thus endup move on.