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How talented is Mas Selamat? He has outwitted the whole Home Team and literally walked away in broad daylight with thousands of men and women chasing him but without a clue where he was for a year. And he lived the life of a free man in Johore without the Malaysian police knowing that he was there. He must be a man of exceptional talent, easily better than 10 or 100 of our supertalents put together. How else could one compare him when two police forces, three, if we are to include the Indonesians, could let him slipped away and be out of sight for so long. It was just unfortunate that Mas Selamat was born in Indonesia. If he is a full blooded Singaporean, he would probably be shortlisted for the Gifted Programme. This would be followed by an educational path taking him through RI and RJC and a string of straight As. And being an exceptional brilliant minority, he would definitely be handpicked for an overseas scholarship, even a President’s Scholarship could come his way. And you know what that would lead to? A political career and a minister in time to come. Such is the wasted talent in Mas Selamat. He was not given that kind of opportunity a talented Singaporean like him will be given. And he had to find his opportunity in a terrorist organisation where his talent were given a free hand to blossom. He is now a celebrity and well respected by the elite Singaporeans. Another opportunity is now presented to Mas Selamat. Fame, wealth and glory are knocking at his door. Hollywood could easily offer him US$10 million for his story and the right for a book and a movie. With that kind of offer, Mas could buy a big landed property in district 10 or Orchard Road and live next to a minister. I am very sure he will be most welcomed in the company of supertalents. The IISS or LKY School of Public Policy can offer Mas Selamat a chair as Professor in International Terrorism and JI. Mas can go on a circuit giving talks on terrorism like Clinton and Al Gore and pocket a million per talk. In addition he can conduct courses on how to escape from detention to our men in uniform. I am getting my autograph book ready for him to sign.


Jaunty Jabber said...

It is like taking a holiday for 1 year, no income as there is no need to work yet able to live on without any bill to pay, tax-free, just live on and enjoy the daily sunset.

Not many Singaporean could afford a year's holiday without earning a income.

Anonymous said...

To be able to swim undetected across the straits with the guards on high alert using simple devices is a rare feat.

Anonymous said...

He could possibly be the Best Minister of Home Affairs for Singapore. I am not saying this because he was able to plan large scale damage(i doubt so).


I am terribly(most) impressed with his magical abilities to escape from the Detention Centre and out of the Country. He never seemed able to do that in Indonesia and now Malaysia which are hundreds of thousands of time bigger than Singapore and densely forested.

Something very, very wrong in our Home Affairs...........


Jaunty Jabber said...

Today I learn from a Malaysian that the word "selamat" means "safe". No wonder he is so safe.

redbean said...

mas has all the attributes of an immortal.

Anonymous said...

"Today I learn from a Malaysian that the word "selamat" means "safe". No wonder he is so safe."

All the more we need Mas Selamat back immediately. Mas Selamat = Mas(s) Safe. No wonder we are safe from terrorism when Selamat is in Singapore ! Let's not play with our luck, we need Mas Selamat back as Amulet against conspiracy to do us in.