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The Presidential Address

Nathan was a key administrator in his younger days, holding very important appointments in the govt that no fools will be allowed to get near to by the miles. To be in those positions, he must have proven to be a man of great intellect and brilliance. His writing skills is on par with that of Devan Nair. His understanding of social and political issues of the land is as good as any politician worthy of his salt. We heard the Presidential address. It was very mechanical in the delivery. There was no flair, no passion, nothing that gets it near to what Nathan would have written it. No ohmm! It was just a prim and proper motherhood statement. Maybe that is what one can expect from a President's Address. Obama would not have it that way. How different would it be if Nathan would to write his own speech, use his own style, speak on issues that were close to his hearts, and deliver it the way he knows best, the style of Nathan. I am presuming that the President's speech was prepared for him by his staff. And I stand to be corrected on this. I still feel that Nathan would be able to make a more punchy and lively speech if he were to be himself and set aside the protocol of what a President should be.


Anonymous said...

I'm deeply disappointed with you because you fail to mention the most important reason why Nathan is made president.

The most important reason is that Nathan make world-class tasting prata that LKY and his coffers loves to eat. Why do you think prata-man is the world most expensive prata-maker ?

Please have a sense of proportion by highlighting why prata-man worth millions ! He holds the key to unlock more pratas not reserves.

redbean said...

don't lah. let's respect the office and the man. what you said can be in private parties but not in print.


Anonymous said...

And why should we respect him just because of who he is? Apart from PAP lackeys and aplogists, I doubt any Singaporean would disagree with Anon 9.18's sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

What outstanding achievement has he accomplished to be worthy of our respect? He does not even have the backbone to stand up to the PAP or at the very least put their request to raid our reserves under intense scrutiny. Agree with previous Anon, he has not brought any outstanding qualities to the office. He is nothing more than a rubber stamp President, unlike his more esteemed predecessor.

Anonymous said...

Based on the Comments here, it is beyond doubt that the Appointment of President Nathan has caused many citizens to be upset. Not only do i noticed that he had failed to gain respects from the People, the contrary is beyond doubt.

It is time that the Government realizes that the Appointment of President Nathan will result in many Singaporeans to lose faith and trust with the Leadership.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am sure they realise it, my dear patriot. But why would the PAP care for as long as Nathan serves their interests? PAP has well and truly learned from their mistake of having an independent-minded man as President. So don't expect them to make the same mistake again.

redbean said...

let's share a little kindness around. it will be good if he can share a little of his millions around too : )

all of you must believe that praying to gods will bring blessings in return. it is good to pray and be blessed. he may be praying to the right gods and is being blessed in this life.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The difference between the US presidency and S'pore's is that the S'pore president doesn't have executive power — which is the more "correct" way in the true spirit of republicanism where the people govern themselves.

The US presidency started out with no exec powers to the president, but over 200 or so years is now totally corrupt.

Anonymous said...

the trouble is that whenever I see prata man,I think of ex-President Ong.

While Ong took his job very seriously as entrusted by non other than MM Lee,Prata man declared simply

I would touch what Ong was supposed to do!

Did he ever asked aboutt RESERVE,that is why Ong was paid and why he was paid,by all of us.

No,sorry,I cant respect him,I cant,I cant,I cant,I cant,I cant,I cant,I cant,I cant,

Anonymous said...

Sorry,should be

I would NOT touch what Ong was supposed to do!

sorry again.

My mistake said it all!

Jaunty Jabber said...

Praying is for a hope to get something in return, and you can remain hopeful.

Paying is also for a hope, and you know you would get nothing in return.

English language says it all, Paying is Praying without the letter "r".
r = return,
no 'r' = no return.

Anonymous said...

Nathan, punchy and lively? Surely you jest, Redbean. I mean have you even seen him delivering the speech? He is even more kayu than the king of all Kayus: Wooden GCT.

redbean said...

i have browsed thru a few blogs, and the comments of nathan and the presidency weren't too complimentary.

nathan was not what he is now. he was a suave operator in his younger day, involved in many high level decision makings. maybe life is too comfortable now. too used to the new ceremonial role.

Anonymous said...

He is now liked a very old recorder with playback that frequently slack a little in speed. Wobbles that cause discomforts for the listeners and beholders.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Just be thankful he didn't shit his pants during the speech. OTOH, we'd never know if he did or not :P

redbean said...

there are things that the people knew are unacceptable. just because the people did not complain does not mean that the people are happy with them.

and the worst part is to parade such things repeatedly to the people. the more it is being done, the more cynical and angry will be the people.

the people may keep quiet. but they surely know what is improper, what is right or wrong, what is good or bad. the people are not stupid.