Parliament in session

Parliament will reconvene again this week and there were expectations of change in view of the global economic crisis and its severity on the life of the average Singaporeans. This group in my definition will be those living in 4 and 5 room flats. The 3 roomers and smaller flat owners were obviously hit more. And the middle income, even in the lower end of the private housing sector were also not spared as well. I have only one wish for a change. The Ministry of Housing and Development needs a new minister and a new set of policy that is pro Singaporeans, does not eat up every cent of a Singaporean's income and then ask why Singaporeans do not have enough savings for old age. The grotesque profits as seen in Duxton Pinnacle do not go down well with a govt that is caring and wanting to give every Singaporean a decent home and stake in this country. Unless some jokers think that a decent home in Singapore is a 3 room flat. My endearing home to Singaporeans must mean better and afforable homes relative to their income. Singaporeans used to aspire to a 5 rm flat or better. At the rate that prices of public housing are being pushed upwards, many could only be contented with just a 3 rm or 4 rm flat. Maybe that is the reason why HDB is building more smaller flats for the people. My endearing home of bigger flats, private properties should be a message for the rich foreigners being invited here with red carpets. Singaporeans should count themselves lucky to have a 3 rm or 4rm flat as their endearing homes if this is the way things are moving.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the PAP genie is not in the mood for granting wishes, Redbean.

redbean said...

that's ok. the govt of the day has the right to do what it thinks is best for the people.

Anonymous said...

Correction, only the govt of the day in Singapore has the right to do what they want. Any govt in a real democracy who tries to impose their views on what is best for the people will find itself out of a job very soon. Think John Howard and WorkChoices.

redbean said...

that is true in the western model of democracy. in our model, things are a bit different. here we have a citizenry that wants to be nannied and a govt who insists on nannying.

it is a perfect match. or shall i call it the ideal eastern democratic model of govt?

Anonymous said...

Redbean, it is a match that is made in heaven. Good luck, Singaporeans because you are going to need lots of it.

redbean said...

yeah, we need a lot of luck. this is our status quo that will last forever and ever.

Anonymous said...

u asking the genius in charge of home & development to be replaced or step down??


he's the genius behind 'market subsiDIE' , 'erp' and countless other blood sucking schemes.

he's the most value for money (to the govt) minister u can ever have!

u can only wish he met another 'crazy' fellow like seng han tong.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I doubt that any interference with the price system in the market would bring any benefit. In fact, in the longer term it is bound to be harmful and make homes even more expensive. Tinkering with the price system means interfering with the capital structures in the society and that always has BAD CONSEQUENCES by showing up as SHORTAGES in other areas later.

But politicians will try to tinker with (free?) market prices, as long as most people don't understand what markets or capital structures are and how they work -- which is counter-intuitive. Politicians have to always prove that they are "doing their job" by pretending to keep the peoples' interests at heart.

If you look at the history, you will find that all of it is pure bullshit.

Ever sine I can remember playing kuti-kuti, chatek in school and collecting tadpoles, people (in those days aunties and uncles) have incessantly complained about property prices in S'pore. Either that, or they are applauding the scarcity of land. So the issue of property prices is nothing 'new' in the S'pore political theatre. In fact, without the powerful tool of politicised public housing (the HDB/upgrade vote-buying/bullying scheme), the PAP wouldn't be enjoying the absolute power it does and has for decades.

When govt intervenes in the market, it always sacrifices the interests of one group for the benefit of another.

Good stuff. Let's have more bullshit. Bullshit is the social glue which binds our civilisation. I could always use the entertainment!

redbean said...

we are a democracy and we elect our representatives to look after us. if they don't, we elect others that can serve us.

it is our right to go to the ballot box to choose the govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The people are responsible for the kind of government. They get -- always without exception -- the government they deserve.

Which is why I'm constantly entertained! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Just watched the President addressed the Parliament on CNA minutes ago.

Wow ! The way he(President) wished that the Singapore People(including Foreign Talents/Foreign Workers, i supposed) will work according to the way he described, to overcome all the problems that the People and the Country face, is as easy as like eating prata(a kind of Indian fried dough). Did not hear him telling what our Parliamentarians will do in their duties to prevent anymore adversity.

Singaporeans from now on will have to depend on Faith(Belief), fate and LUCK. Just wish that the Swine(H1N1) Flu will not bring us to Hell.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, democracy is defined as the rule of the majority. It does not always result in the best outcome for the people. If the majority elects the Monkey Party to government, then you are going to get monkeys running your country. Elections can be rigged either directly or through gerry-mandering to ensure the results tilt one way or the other. Democracy is in itself a flawed concept, so don't put too much faith in your right 'to elect others to serve us'. Sure you can exercise that right but the outcome you want is only possible in so far as the majority of the electorate thinks like you. When a majority of the electorate is composed of mindless drones who are incapable of critical thought and easily assuaged with some scraps thrown their way come election time, you are going to be waiting a very, very long time to elect any alternatives.

Anonymous said...

"Democracy is in itself a flawed concept, so don't put too much faith in your right 'to elect others to serve us'."

No one says that democracy should be perfect. As long as there is democracy to select those to serve the nation and in fair way dictated by the citizen, that is all it matter after all, you vote with your eyes wide open, don't you ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anons 1018 & 554

Regardless of whether you vote with eyes open or eyes closed, you are only one person with one vote.

You have absolutely no control on how someone else votes, or any influence whatsoever over people like me who write "fuck you cocksucker! die slowly!" on the ballot paper or fail to show up at all (and pay the $50 -- Aust law. I don't even bother to pay the fine. So far -- no problem).

The basis of democracy is freedom of the individual. Since you count as one vote in any political system, you can do what the fuck you like.

Anonymous said...

Matilah says it succintly so all you Singaporean democracy fetishists, read it carefully and weep at your fate. The only other viable alternative is to be like Matilah and vote with your feet. If you don't have the gonads for it, just accept your fate being perennially screwed in the rear by the PAP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Anon 743:

"Vote with your feet"? Interesting idea, in fact I am an emigre myself.

Anyway, I'm going to be the devil's advocate for awhile:

The question is, where can you go in today's world to really 'escape' the PAP?

All the (so-called) western democracies are so far to the side of progressive liberalism (aka neo marxsim, fabian socialism etc) , I would — in a limited context of course — suggest that making the best of it wherever you are — even in S'pore — would be worth considering.

I have no regrets emigrating. However, I now for a fact the experience is not for everyone. We all know stories of people returning to S'pore from Canada, Aust,UK etc. because they simply couldn't 'make it'.

You can move to any country. But you're still going to face the same political imperfection — democracy. The people govern themselves and therefore they get the govt they deserve.

These days the idea of the 'sovereign individual' in the (so-called) western democracies is struggling to survive. Free speech — once treasured by the west — is being chipped away. There's censorship in media. Internet regulation. Govt spying. High taxes. Inflation of the money supply. Red-tape bureaucracy regarding business regulation, licensing, labour laws, trade restrictions. And so on.

The point I make is that one is wise to know that a 'utopia' doesn't exist on our lucky planet.

Freedom, liberty, humanity and an understanding of human nature coupled with a good measure of economic understanding is necessary to govern one's own actions. That being said, IMO, you can make the best of it regardless of where you are — the exceptions of course being failed states and war zones — which present 'opportunities' but most 'normal' people won't be seeking out those 'opportunities'.