Of mollycoddled and mollycoddling

Why are Singaporeans taking issue with Sam Tan about them being mollycoddled by the govt? Singaporeans, especially the losers are quite sick actually. When they face a little difficulty they called for the govt to help, for free handouts. Why don't they stand up for themselves, tighten their belts, work doubly hard and create opportunities for themselves to make more money? There are so many successful people here, many earning millions and have millions in their saving accounts. The losers should learn from these successful people and stop expecting help from the govt. They must help themselves, be self reliant. If I only have a few millions in my savings account, I too will talk like that. And tell the losers off. Unfortunately I can't.


Anonymous said...

singaporeans are getting sick and angry keep on being told to "bite the bullet" "take the bitter pill" "downgrade expectations" etc etc while the leaders making telling us is not leading by example.

just like what this idiot mp who himself was no doubt mollycoddled by pap ever since their tea session.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are some aspects in life that suck. There are situations which everyone encounters in life that suck.

If you are alive, you will experience on many occasions, your expectations not being met.

How then is the government responsible for making sure life doesn't suck at time when bad times occur?

Anonymous said...

Only when you are dead will life not suck or you will experience no disappointment.

I feel that Singaporeans are not as resilient as Hong Kongers.

This current economic tsunami now already on the verge of recovering may not be bad enough to condition us as it has done for Hong Kong. After the 1997 financial crisis, Hong Kong's famed bad service attitude improved by leaps and bounds. Now it is a pleasure to visit the territory.

Wally Buffet.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Right on. No need to say "tiu nya ma" so much anymore when visiting the territory, er... excuse me Special Administrative Region.

Nothing beats self interest when it comes to behaviour modification toward improving one's own situation by improving others situation, with a smile. (extra bonus points)

Benji Grey-ham

redbean said...

our services suck like hell, from the posh departmental stores, restaurants to the ah pek and ah mahs cleaning the tables and plates in hawker stalls. it is a shame to know that nothing can be done to improve on our service quality.

it is also a great shame to see the condition of our public toilets. we can clean up the singapore river of its stench, but we are helpless in cleaning our public toilets.

Matilah_Singapura said...

C'mon redbean, it's not that bad. At least those ah peks and ah mahs have money-paying jobs. They are jobs most of us wouldn't do — and would probably piss us off if we did them — so I tend to 'relax' about judging the bad attitude you've observed.