The new changes to the electoral system and membership of parliament are going to be met with a dosage of cynicism. What would these terms MP, NMP and NCMP mean now? Members of Parliament, Non Members of Parliament and Not Counted Members of Parliament? In a way they could literally mean these. The Nominated MPs are nominated, not elected and have limited rights. So are the Non Constituency MPs. They are MPs but not MPs. What many have missed is Low Thia Kiang's point that the Parliament is a sitting of elected MPs. The MPs must be elected by the people to represent them. By all these tweakings, would our Parliament become a Parliament dominated by MPs that are not elected by the people? And they can talk until the cows come home, but they are inconsequential when come to voting for bills to be passed by Parliament. So to call the NMPs and NCMPs as Non MPs and Not Counted MPs are not too far off. Just another way of looking at things.


Anonymous said...

you are surprisingly out of date ! You should keep up with time and know the true meaning of MP, NMP, NCMP

NMP and NCMP are all about Voice which is translated to Noise since those voice is not effective anyway.

All so wayang and Mo-lian because what the gov want to do, they will do regardless of voice and fart.

MP = Mo-Liao People
NMP = Noisy Mo-Liao People
NCMP = Noisy Crazy Mo-Liao People.

So did you learn anything now

Disgusted said...

My understanding of MP means Member of Parliament essentially elected by the people of their respective constituency. A Parliament is made of these elected MPs.But in Uniquely Singapore, we have not only PM, we also have NMP and NCMP. Isn't this a "Rojak" Parliament??!! Where else in the world can one find another rojak parliament?

Anonymous said...


Now we have an uniquely and arrogant PM who will decide the number of opposition MPs he would like to put in Parliament. Sheer arrogance!!
To the opposition parties, may I urge you all to field in credible members in ALL constituencies so that many of us, (true singaporeans who dislike this elitist govt.)have the right to vote you in. We need to have an alternative voice in Parliament!!
I agree with Ms Sylvia Lim. NMPs are just a waste of taxpayers money.They are selected by PAP and do not have the right of vote in parliament issues.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

ya i must be out of date and out of touch with so many tweakings going around. but be sure it is for good of the people.

Anonymous said...

I too am out of date. I hope they do not come up with another acronym for back-door MPs who entered Parliment in non contested wards. Maybe something like 'NEMP' to add to the confustion.

Little Red Dot must be the only country in the world with such a colourful cast of characters in Parliament, each with unique aronyms.

But, of course, in a country that has the capability to classify citizens into 'lesser mortals', 'mortals' and 'higher mortals', nothing is impossible.

Now I understand what they mean by 'City of Possibilities'

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

OK, Ok, someone has already said it eons ago but no harm repeating. Instead of all this hybrid MPs, tweaks here, tweaks there, why not make the whole country one big GRC? Winner takes all. No individual candidates. Vote just the party symbol. Winning party nominates MPs for all the constituencies.

Keep it simple. Let's not crack our head too much. Better to spend our energy making money so we can go to the GSS the whole year round.

Wally Buffet.

redbean said...

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Anonymous said...

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