Motor Insurance - Must be the govt's fault.

In a discussion on the high motor insurance course the workshop, lawyers and insurance companies all denied that it was their fault. So if all of them are not at fault, so it must be the govt's fault lah. Logical right? Everyone is so innocent. The govt must come down hard on the culprits to clear its name and help motorists from being fleeced. The best part is to hear recommendation that motorists should negotiate with insurance companies or go shopping for the best rate. Really, can do such thing meh? In a cartel like industry, and without insurance one cannot renew road tax or drive, who is calling the shot? The motorists deserve a fairer system, reasonable premium and the govt to step him since no one is owning up. Would the govt come in to help the motorists or is it a buyers beware and free market system? Should we tell the motorists that it is there problem?


Jaunty Jabber said...

Maybe some motorists may give up their cars as they are too fed up with the insurance & legal system. By so it also means, there should be reduction in number of cars on the road which will thus ease traffic congestion problem. This is achieving transport efficiency in Singapore, credit should goes to the government, for ability to solve traffic jam problems through a "natural" means.

Motorist always complain right? That even with ERP, there are still jams, why not let those who protest on motor insurance scheme be those to give up driving, along with it down size the vehicle pool naturally, improving traffic flow.

redbean said...

oh, that's a clever way to make frustrated motorists give up their cars. another big hole in their pockets.

Anonymous said...


Nobody is at fault.

I am a motorist. It is all my fault. I am so sorry to cause all this trouble to the motor insurance companies for complaining about the unreasonably high costs of motor insurance and to curse them for raising said premiums because they were fleeced by the motor car workshops big time aided by our most distinguished legal beavers. These poor insurance companies have no choice but to pass the buck (pun intended) to us.

I am to blame for wanting to drive a car which is one of the five "C"s that any self respecting Singaporean cannot go without. Despite the high road tax, erp and insurance, I still want to drive a car although the MRT and the buses are so comfortable especially during rush hours, so I am to blame.

So sorry. Hope the esteemed insurance companies, the motor workshops and the lawyers who all this while has been so hardworking raking in the dough would forgive me as it is all my fault.

A Humble Motorist.
Not a Case member.
Not an AA member.
Just a stupid motorist.

redbean said...

hi humble motorist,

i must agree with you. these motorists are a nuisance, causing so much trouble to the workshop, lawyers, insurance companies and clogging the roads.