More NMPs needed

In our open and inclusive society, when organisation of 200 members deserved to be represented in Parliament, we can look forward for more NMPs to be in Parliament to represent their little corners of interests. Now we have arts rep, sports rep, academic rep, medical profession rep, foreign talent or new citizen rep, it is time to open up Parliament to be more inclusive. The first rep or NMP I have in mind is the LGBT. There are definitely more than 200 members out there, maybe 20,000 or more. Surely they deserve to have a NMP to speak up for them. Then there are many other groups and professions that were not represented in Parliament. I could simply rattle off a few here, the silver hair, parents group, the retirees or jobless, pasar malam hawkers, motorworkshop, insurance agents, housing agents, stockbroking agents, loanshark association or moneylenders, newton food centre, the infamous shopowners of Lucky Plaza and Sim Lim Square, oh, the bloggers, and the small and smart children who are worldly and well read, thanks to internet and want to decide what is good for themselves without their parents or anyone imposing their values on them. Now who else should deserve a place in parliament? Charity organisations, yes, there are plenty of them and managing huge sums of money. Then CPF members. They have been victims all these while with people deciding for them on how to spend their money and they completely have no say, helpless, and no MPs or NMPs speaking for them or their interests. We need more NMPs in Parliament for it to be more representatives and for the people to be really represented, to speak out and protect their own interests. The MPs are too busy, with so many commitments and hats to wear that it is only natural that they could not give off their best, their full attention and devotion to their constituents. They are the most hardworking group of people, and the people must understand, that they only have 24 hours a day. They just cannot be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. They are advisers to so many grassroots, sports and community organisations. Poor chaps, truly supermen and superwomen. The NMP shall have a nice job cut out for them, to fill the gaps that MPs could not cover.


Jaunty Jabber said...

Is it true that Siew Kum Hong is to represent the LGBT in Singapore?

To have a voice heard in the Parliament on behalf of the LGBT here is acceptable but more important question is....What does the LGBT want Singapore to become? What is Siew Kum Hong going to say for the LGBT when he is in the Parliament? What he aimed to achieve for the LGBT?

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir:

If the people respect democracy themselves, they need no one to represent them. But as few do respect democracy, those that get into the Parliament are not bothered or interested with democracy as well.

So, why so many NMPs ? In fact; why so many MPs ?


redbean said...

why so many MPs needed? Their hands are full. look at their job descriptions and the number of hats they are wearing?

we need more MPs to fill all these roles they are playing.

Kaffein said...

We definitely do not need more MPs. Even more, we should do away with NMPs because it's really not democratic. NMPs are just PAP's way of letting you have your 'opposition' fun so that you cannot accuse them of being a 'dictatorial' party.

In fact I see the NMPs raising more pertinent issues than our MPs.


redbean said...

hi kaffein, i must fully agree with you.

Anonymous said...

The many hats that our parliamentarians wear have to little to relate with their relationships to the people.

They are more involve in running businesses than looking after their subjects. Their many hats hardly reflect anything to the people except make the people wonder how they are so super. Even Mas Selamat is not comparable, he had to hide in a secluded kampong and farm his foods.