Mas Selamat's beard and....

The privilege of owning a blog is that one can write anything one likes, the most trivial, and paste it as the main news. You can't do it in the major media when readers paid for what they read. So here I am, on a Sunday morning, writing about the beard of Supermas. There are many angles I can approach this serious topic. I can compare how long it has grown since his escape, measurement can be in inches or centimetres. I can also talk about how handsome he looks, with or without his beard. I can also talk about his barber or hairdresser. He could have received a cut from a famous one in Orchard Road or Scudai. But this must be kept as a secret or his hairdresser will become as popular as Supermas overnight. Maybe he is already thinking of a poster or putting up an advertisement in the paper of his famous client. Should I go one step further and spin a theory that he cut his own beard and hair? Would anyone want to prove that this can be done? I am still waiting for the Mas Selamat look to become a fad. If that happens, you will see the images of Supermas all over the streets, in Singapore, JB and Batam. They may even hold swimming contest or Selamat look alike contest, or competition on overcoming the obstacles that Supermas had to go through in his escape. Now thie latter should be a good TV live serial. Contestants can compete with each other to see who can complete the obstacle course first. The first obstacle must be climbing out of a toilet window. Next, dashing to the fence. This should be followed by climbing over barbwire fence. I presume that security fence should have barbwires. Next, a 26 km limping run to the woodlands. The grand finale should be the river crossing with a choice of flotation devices. Contestants can choose whichever is suitable for themselves. And for this grand finale, there will be spotlights shining across the river, police patrol boats and civilian boats that can hit or crush the contestants to knock them out. Would that be an interesting proposition? How handsome Supermas looks with his beard and moustache.


Speedwing said...

Good morning Redbean. Are you running out of interesting topics to write about? This thing about Supermas is old news. I think you should stop harping on it. Can be quite embarassing for some quarters to be reminded day in and day out. Maybe you should move on to more interesting topics like the Temasek investment. Much more interesting.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Redbean,

This posts has a sense of humour, imagine someone really launch the very own Singapore Fugitive Race inspired by MSK. And the prize for the champion shall be a year's holiday on a island with all expenses fully sponsored.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend:

the response will be overwhelming for sure,


competition is NOT OPEN ONLY to limping participants.

To emulate Mas Selamat, participants must not only look like him, they MUST ALSO LIMP LIKE HIM.


redbean said...

would we allow this kind of creativity? will we be matured enough to tolerate this kind of sensitivity?

Anonymous said...

Make the Race into an event for international participation and it will boost our tourist visits.

Mas Selamat, despite his magical prowess, has not done the slightest damage. He had contributed positively to make SIN well known to the World.

Do see it positively.


redbean said...

is media corp listening? is the PA or sports council listening? : )