Mas Selamat – The Superman

We have heard it over and over again, Mas Selamat is a Superman. Not only that he could slip out of a heavily guarded detention centre, right under the noses of officers and guards, in broad day light, and disappeared for more than a year, terrorist experts are heaping praises on him, that he is an expert in terrorist acts, in making bombs, a determined man, a highly intelligent operator and what ever you can make him out to be. Basically he is smarter and more intelligent than any of the security officers we have in service. He is Superman! His latest exploit was to swim across the Straits of Johore, using improvised flotation gear. From what we read in the media, it was very likely that he strung together a pile of plastic bottles, tied probably with raffia strings or lallangs, and swum across the strait that was heavily patrolled by the coastguards in search of him. Ok, swimming across the 1.2km strait is no problem as school children could also do it easily. I definitely can’t. In the case of Mas Selamat, his comrade disclosed that he was a bad swimmer. Added to that, he has a bad leg that limps. So how could he swim across with such disabilities and handicaps. The obvious answer is that he had the help of some kind of propulsion. I think all he needed was to fart all the way and for an hour or so. That would take him across the strait. The only precaution he needed was to ensure that his farting was not too loud to be heard.


CatFightLover said...

MSK. Elevated from terrorist to folk hero. With a little bit of help from the MSM.

He must be bewildered that from an unknown limping "terrorist" he is now almost a celebrity. All done with a little bit of jumping out of the toilet of a "maximun high tech" detention centre and a bit of farting across the Johore Straits.

"Ah well", he says, "things in this country never seem to amaze me"


Anonymous said...

There's definitely more than meets the eye here. Unless, he goes on national tv and details out how he actually made his great escape, I for one am suspending my judgement on the so-called details so far and also taking a huge discount on all the brouhaha.

Anonymous said...

If MSK ever appears on our National Television, we can be very sure that he will say how very foolish he was.

Anyway, calling him a superman or a hero just don't make sense. Had he not disclosed his 'plan', supposedly to cause damage to Singapore Changi Airport to someone, leading to his arrest, but did or do so in action, i would surely say he deserves the highest superlatives.

This whole issue of MSK leaves much for us to guess, imagine and even fantasize. Is he really a terrorist, is he really so very intelligent(able to carry out his plan) and so 'ninja' in his escape from the High Security Detention Centre and Singapore ? Or is all these made of imaginations ?

Will there be an answer ? Likely a myth forever.


redbean said...

i am really amazed by how mas has been painted as a maverick of sort. is he really that clever?

Anonymous said...

You seriously believe all these yabayaba from the politician; they want you to seriously think the million paid are worth every pennies; the country is in total danger; WHO did you say was farting all the way? Soon it will be
WONG CAN SWIM or would it be

Super pay needs super justification. HOW to do it? Create a super terror; find a yabayaba scapegoat and make him into a SUPERMAN. See i just learn to FART.

redbean said...

let's look at the positive sides of things. kan seng has done a great job in bringing mas back home.

Anonymous said...

haha, don't count your chickens before they are hatched. I ahve not read a single statement from Malaysia that they are willing to had MSK back to Singapore. For all you know MSK may end up on the negotiating table as part of the package of outstanding bilateral issues. Afterall, it is Singapore that MSk has issues with, not Malaysia. if Singapore refuses to accede to the Malaysians' demands, then they can always release MSK and watch WKS and his ISD buffoons soil their pants.

redbean said...

do singaporeans really believe that all these while the malaysian special branch did not know that mas selamat was in skudai?

anyway, it is better for them to keep selamat. save the expenses and heartbreak should be breaks out again.

Anonymous said...

MSK is not a terrorist, he is a rare material for our next olympic. The media try to portray as super terrorist capable of terrorism which to now is just rubbish since nothing happen till now. If he is super terrorist and sound as dangerous, he already conducted terrorist activity unless someone telling me selling burger in kampong is a terrorist activity.

But Singapore is blessed to have a superman like MKS who overcome all odds to reach his home destination ! He defy and exceed all the clowns' expectations ! He is our next Olympic champion. He is our Creative Director able to invent floating device and not patent his invention.

No wonder MKS want to leave Singapore and stay in Malaysia because Singapore doesn't appreciate local talent.

Anonymous said...

the gahmen want to portray MKS in mainstream media as a super terrorist and superman so to cover up for Singapore gov's incompetence and complacency to save face. They will tell how smart, intelligent and clever is MKS that he evade escape and capture but never tell you that if he is that good, why is still selling burger and not conduct bombing yet ? One year already and MKS does nothing of terror ?

Jaunty Jabber said...

MSK must be extra smart. If not then why is it that when our DPM Wong said that Singapore is porous, only MSK managed to slipped through the pores?

Agree with patriot that the media must portrait MSK to be extraordinary clever, if not then it is telling the world that there are tons of brains here that have suffered malfunction all at the same time.

redbean said...

my next article is about mas selamat as our equivalent of supertalent.