In praise of homosexuality education

I read several letters in the forum praising Aware for teaching homosexuality in schools. I agree that this is a subject that cannot be swept under the carpet. What I hope the MOE will make certain is the credentials of the instructors and be mindful of those with wrongful intentions that may lead the children down the wrong path, or even harbouring homosexual intent on the children they are teaching. A thorough vetting must be carried out to ensure that instructors are carefully screened. Not that I have anything against homosexuals, but I think gays and lesbians should be banned from teaching sexual education. Let the straight teachers do this job. I know that some may argue that homosexuals should be the best people to teach homosexuality because of their personal experiences on the subject. I choose to defer. Anyone got any views on this?


Jaunty Jabber said...

I am more concerned of the possible follow-ups "after class". Trainer is straight and deliver approved curriculum during class. At after class some trainees might be exposed or introduced to some special beliefs/values of the trainer, via various internet resources.

CatFightLover said...

In the first place, all this talk about choices is farcical to say the least. It is natural for all living things to be heterosexual. Anything other than that is an aberration. Yes, there is a school of thought that being homosexual is something inborn but it has not been proven scientifically. Homosexuality can be cultivated.

Thus, to talk about it openly, even in sex education in schools is to open young minds to the thought that hey, this is an alternative lifestyle i can choose.

In the old days, homosexuality was frowned upon, ridiculed even and thus there were less homosexuals around. Now, it is touted as a lifestyle choice and look around you. Queers abound. I was stunned to see a manly looking butch on a Harley stopping next to my car at a traffic junction. Some women may just throw away their dresses and skirts and emulate this "man" just to show that they can have choices.

There is no denying that homosexuality will destroy families. Once you say it's ok, I can assure the old aware that they will have more troubled families to counsel.

I am Pro Family. I am neutral on the Old or New Aware.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Besides homosexuality, next matter of concern is the idea of using of condoms to counter risk of STD from casual sex, instead of basing on human moral and ethics as basic protection.

No dispute that condoms has its effectiveness to prevent STD, but this should never be a primary control measure to be placed above the control of human's behaviour.

The young must not be convinced that controlling one's behaviour is useless, using of condoms is more effective.

How can the young be told that since it is common human's flaw to stray and gets intimate casually, therefore giving up on moral education and adopt mechanical control is more effective?

CatFightLover said...

HeHe, Jaunty. I gotta disagree with you on this one.

To preach safe sex is easier to carry out than to preach abstinence from sex totally because of circumstances.

Having said that, I am not encouraging every red blooded male or female to start sexing at every casual encounter.

redbean said...

ya, it is something that we shouldn't encourage children to be prolific at. education and awareness need not necessary means go forth and have fun.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Well, CatFightLover,

I don't point towards abstinence. My point is, if a person choose a lifestyle that consists of casual relationships, casual sex, he/she should just keep that to him/herself and not to advise people that it is okay to live that way as long as a cheap & simple protection (condoms) is used. And if that person happened to be a mentor to the young, it would be setting a wrong example.

CatFightLover said...

Point taken.

Thoroughly agree with you. Just look at some of our youngsters on the MRT. I am sure that with so much necking, there is a foregone conclusion that they have already had sex.

What is the world coming to nowadays?

Perhaps the authorities can extend the 18 year old threshold in buying cigarettes to condoms?

Anonymous said...

Of all species in the World, why only the 'Highest Species' needs sex education ?

Other animals(non-human) SHOULD NOT be used as justification(s) for the same sex relationship(carnal).


Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean,

Your view is ancient, discrminatory and politicise the teaching profession.

Francis Chua

Anonymous said...

Excellent teachers may not want to enter the teaching profession in view of this climate of hostility. You and your kids stand to lose by politicising this issue.

Francis Chua

redbean said...

hi francis, i don't think it is appropriate to call this politicising the issue. i am very sure the MOE is viewing this issue with grave concern. it is about educating the young and their safety. all parents are concerned about this issue and the teachers too. how could the teachers be threatened, unless they harbour some ill desire on the children.

what have been politicised is the infighting of Aware when religion and race were even uttered as points of objection.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I appreciate teachers who are inspirators rather than just having talents. Teachers are professionals who not only qualifies academically and intellectually, they are also role models, they play very important role especially to the youngs.

CatFightLover said...

"A thorough vetting must be carried out to ensure that instructors are carefully screened. Not that I have anything against homosexuals, but I think gays and lesbians should be banned from teaching sexual education."

This is not hostility but plain common sense. Gays and Lesbians are always welcomed to teach the sciences, arts et al. It is scientifically proven that such people are gifted with a high IQ but when it comes to teaching sexual education, they may ehm... fall in love easily with their charges. So better not take the risk. Anyway, the latest news is that the MOE has withdrawn the Old Aware's teaching material on sex education. In a way, the New Guard who were ousted are vindicated somewhat.

Anonymous said...

To those arguing that homosexual in unnatural, you need too read up more. All throughout human history, homosexual behaviour was perfectly normal in many culture. It was only made unnatural in the recent centuries by the widespread of certain religions.

CatFightLover said...

Hello, if it is so natural why do I feel the creeps when some effeminate "man" gets near me?

Some pretty sexy woman? Ah, that's another story.

Jaunty Jabber said...

To Anon @May 06, 8:32PM

Thing that are popular do not = good. Similarly, things that occurs often enough do not = normal.

Anyway, my main concern is not to define if homosexual is normal or abnormal. My main concern is the possible endangering inculcation to the youngs if trainer on sexual topics are not exactly fitting the bill in terms of basic human moral and ethics. A trainer's personal lives is important as it bear the brand name of an organization + endorsement from the MOE.

If a trainer who teaches the youngs about positive sexual behavior were to be someone who:

- has no qualm over involving in casual relationships, casual sex; (casual relationship & casual sex is referring to physical intimacy between two person in a pre-mature relationship)

- find 1-night-stand a thrill;

- build self-esteem & self-confidence through becoming an intruder to the healthy/formal relationship of others; enjoys a sense of victory over another party as a 3rd party in others' relationship, proving self-worth in such a way.

- believes that human beings might as well submit to the out-of-control desires and behavior since there are cheap, simple and convenient resources available for use to counter viruses.

How would the students and the parents feel? Cheated? Fooled by some pretentious curriculum? How is MOE going to conduct damage control for a dented reputation? What is going to happen to the youngs who could have suffered some unwelcome consequences due to false confidence built through false beliefs and values? Unwelcome consequences are referring to teens abortion, teens parenting, HIV/STD and many other social issues.

redbean said...

try asking a drug addict or paedophile to teach about drug addition and sex respectively? to these people taking drugs and child sex are normal. you can imagine what they will tell their audience.

homosexuality is never normal. it is being accepted and as they are for those who happened to be born that way. period. man is not created to have sex with man nor woman with woman.

now i am going to make many people unhappy with this position.

Anonymous said...


This senior citizenfather/grandfather) is very happy after reading your last comment.

I am sure almost all other parents and grandparents are just as happy as me.


Anonymous said...

i love you redbean!

lky seems to have other ideas. though he would've understood that increasing sexual permissiveness (adultery, homosexuality) has already destroyed the traditional family structure, looking at how western society has developed.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Some strong believers feels that human being should be homogeneous. They said that in a homosexual relationship, it is the same as any heterosexual relationships. Both enjoy the same kind of joy and sweetness of romance, both also suffer the same kind of love struggle and heartaches of love while homosexual has more benefits because one of the reasons is: anal sex helps preserve a girl's virginity and aid birth control, isn't abortion is no good?

By now Jaunty Jabber almost faint, seeing the many interpretations from those strong believers.

Anonymous said...

...if homosexual acts are normal, kids should be coming out of mens' asses by now?

redbean said...

i think our society has come this far to accept that homosexuals are human beans and deserve to be treated fairly and allowed to live their own ways of life. the heteros should not impose their values and lifestyle to the homos and neither should the homos imposed theirs on the heteros.

anyone trying to push their medicine to another may not be accepted and may meet with unfriendly reactions. we need to live with each other in our own private ways. this is not much different from one religion trying to convert another.

坡仔哥哥 said...

Redbean, why is a forgone conclusion that a drug addict cannot teach about drug addiction to kids in school? If they are properly repented and rehabilitated, then they would be the excellent choice to discuss about their past and answer any queries.

Catfightlover...please...teachers falling in love with their charges - so it is OK for non gay teachers to fall for thier charges but not gays? crazy...

I am not gay (married with 2 kids) and I do not feel "eekkes" when my gay friends creep up to me. I respect them and they respect me as well...there maybe something wrong with u and not them...thought about that?

Jaunty Jabber said...

I am straight and I am not a homo, I do not discriminate homo. I have friends who are homo and I am including them very well in my social life, likewise I am inclusive to them.

My concern is more on the credibility of trainer for such subjects. How to define if a trainer is qualified? Does assessing the personal lives and behavior part of the criteria to qualify a trainer? What kind of experiences is considered to be suitable and adequate for the trainer for such subjects? Do we need a collective comments from the public to qualify such trainer?

Jaunty Jabber said...

To qualify a Sex Ed Trainer we need public's consent and comment. Would be good if MOE could announce to public the list of trainers' name and background prior to the qualifying stage, leave a period of 3 months to collect consent and comment. People who knows of some unfavorable behavior of a trainer could provide information to MOE so that it leaves no blind-spot to the selection and qualification system for sex ed trainer.