Exploring and making red herrings real

It is so comical today, and everyday, to see people floating red herrings in the media, and you will have professionals trying so hard to make these red herrings look real, even experimenting with them, holding out trials to say, yes it can be done, it is the tooth. The sad part is that the more they try to prove the fallacy or incredibility, the more ridiculous they make themselves to look like one. The other sad part is that some section of the public would really be led or misled into believing them as the truth when they are obviously only the tooth. Guess the red herrings that we have read in the media? Unbelieveable to the point of insulting the intelligence of the public. I am also guilty of posting red herrings. But anyone reading my red herrings will know what they are, as they often came through with a big dosage of cynicism. My red herrings were never meant to convince the public that they were the truth, but to provoke thoughts of how ridiculous is the nature of things, unlike the commercial truth, the tooth that were fabricated to make the public believed. Thank god we have alternative media to separate the truth from the tooth.


Speedwing said...

Hey Redbean, this is very cheam for me lah. I do not understand what these red herrings are. Please be more specific. I read this mornings papers but could not see the tooth from the truth?

redbean said...

ah speed. one of my red herrings is that mas selamat is a superman.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Singaporeans need not be very sharp or intelligent to see and hear red herrings everywhere.

All Singaporeans need to do is watch local television programmes and read local newspapers.