Changes to electoral system counter productive

The changes as announced will ensure more alternative views from NMPs. That is ok. As for the possibility of more opposition MPs or NCMPs, that may not be a good thing given that opposition MPs are mostly very simplistic in their views, of no substance and only opposed for opposition's sake. And by looking at the Parliamentary proceedings, it is clear that when NMPs talked, they will be listened to without much rebutting. But when simplistic opposition MPs talked, you can expect immediate rebuttals. Their views are just not worth anything. So the new changes may be a contradiction. The offering of more single seat wards may not see more than the current two opposition MPs. The better qualified and talented MPs that were selected through a thorough system of screening will definitely won in SMCs if they are contested. And they must all be very eager to take on the less talented opposition candidates. Let's see who is going to take on Low Thia Kiang and Chaim See Tong and win. If they can beat these two, then maybe they are really something. It will be quite embarrassing if they can't even beat MPs that are simplistic and say things that are not worth listening to.


Anonymous said...

The wayang is beginning. Bring on the pop=corn and the drinks. Sit back and watch the show and find out what new schemes are in store or how the oppositions will be "fixed". Enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

I believe Potong Pasir will go back to PAP in the next GE. Chiam has only himself to blame if this materialises for he has failed to groom a successor. Hougang looks set to remain with Low, though.

Anonymous said...

Expect more concessions to come from the Ruling Party.

It is wayang alright, but the ticket to watch it(wayang) will be expensive for the people. I guess some of the Senior/Veteran(High-ranking/ceremonial/created appointments/age)Parliamentarians will call it a day and enjoy the rest of their days on Earth with their accumulated wealths. Some may even settle abroad before their expiries with their offsprings who have migrated.

The Fortunes of these retired politicians will allow their next few generations to live grand material live(life), anywhere they are.

The younger Parliamentarians will be given higher appointments and more authorities to make decisions for current situation and amends for past mistakes and misadventures which they(the younger politicians) have direct participations.

I dare even venture to say that opposition parliamentarians may even be offered Government Parliamentry Committee Appointments. They maybe entrusted with very heavy and responsible offices and whichever Opposition Member dare accept them(GPC appointments) will be severvely tested and challenged. They better be prepared to be booed and shoved in encounters with the Ruling Parliamentarians. And the greatest disappointment he/she(opposition parliamentarian) will be the feelings of been defeated for both themselves and the people, this will have the effect of total demolishment and loss of dignity.

Well, i will admit that i maybe postulating too much, however i must say that i see the offered scheme as a scheme.


Anonymous said...

Dear Readers:

my sincerely apology.

4th Paragraph of my earlier post should read;
The Younger and Newer Parliamentarians will be given higher appointments and authorities to make decisions for current situation and make amends for past mistakes and misadventures which they(the Younger Parliamentarians) HAVE NO DIRECT PARTICIPATION.

Yours Sincerely: patriot

Anonymous said...

'The better qualified and talented MPs that were selected through a thorough system of screening will definitely win in SMCs if they contested.'

In theory or in reality?

There was a particular police scholar who contested in Hougang and was sent packing by Low, a simplistic teochew nan.

Older generation Singaporeans will also remember the old man comparing the number of A's and qualifications of Chiam and Mah at an election rally at Fullerton Square years ago. Both were then contesting Potong Pasir. Needless to say, Chiam won that election and held that ward ever since.

So, SMCs are not 'pau chiak' unlike GRCs. They can field MM in Hougang and SM in Potong Pasir. Even then, I don't think the results will be 'pau chiak' for the PAP.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

Any govt worth its salt in ultimate population control via the political process will engineer the mechanism to be in their favour, creating in the process a smoke screen to continue the duping of the sheeple-masses.

This is a no-brainer.

redbean said...

it will be interesting to see who wins if indranee were to stand in hougang against low thia kiang. my money is on low thia kiang of course.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yeah. One socialist will win. But I too don't think it'll be the woman.

Anonymous said...

I think all of you seem to have missed the actual reason for this " generous change of heart".
Example. There is an election. The PAP loses a GRC. They can still get two of their own into Parliament as NCMPs.There is nothing to say that NCMPs must be from the opposition.

redbean said...

see how effective GRCs are. win all goes in. lose, 2 can still go in. brilliant, provided the assumption that it will get the highest votes for the losing candidate/team.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To re-state an undeniable objective truth:

"It doesn't matter WHO wins the election: the government ALWAYS gets in!"