Brutal attack on a 3 year old

Anyone read the brutal and cruel attack on a 3 year old child by the mother's lover in the paper today? He punched the child's face, slammed his head against the wall, bit his penis and scrotum etc. These went on and on for months. The poor child eventually died. The punishment was seven years imprisonment and 12 strokes of rotan. The guy who kissed and suckled another boy's organ, without causing hurt got 12 years imprisonment and 12 strokes of rotan. Which is a more severe crime? Why was the mother not punished for letting the brute attacked her child in such a vicious and deadly way?


Daniel Ling said...

Hi Redbean, interesting comparison. I would like to offer my opinion.

I feel that the first offence is worse as it resulted in a Death.

The 2nd offence is severe too as it will cause long term damage to the child and additionally, if he wasn't punished, he may prey on another child. Not to mention, this punishment should also serve as a message to others that this is a serious offence.

Unlike Shin Min Editor case whose sentence is like telling people, as long as you did not do it intentionally, it's not that bad. Just fine you $2 and 1 day jail can already.

redbean said...

hi daniel,

i am very distraught by the brutality of this beast. he is inhuman and deserved to be bashed the way he bashed the child. 12 strokes of cane is definitely not enough.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hey guys,

Cruelty to children on news always caused me to get worked up and unable to make comment.

The mother need to be punished too.

Anonymous said...

This is a clear cut case of justice been sidelined or neglected.

The very fact that the Mother was awared and did not report the bashing and torture to the Police itself is already a crime. Her child was fatally attacked and died as a result. The Mother had omitted to report a crime of a man causing grievious injuries to a toddler.

If the media had failed to report any action takened by the Singapore Police, it could be that media was not informed. BUT, if the Singapore Police had failed to carry out their investigation on the Mother and hence she is not arraigned, then there is a case of failure in justice.

As Redbean had compared, the punishment meted was grossly inadequate in comparison to the other case mentioned.

Let us hope that the Singapore Police will look further into this case.

Me also hope that someone in the Law Enforcement or Judiciary is reading My Singapore News. Injustice must not be allowed to go unpunished and those that fail to administer justice are just as guilty.


Anonymous said...

redbean, wow the photos in the catalog are quite nice! did you take it yourself? what camera did you use?

CatFightLover said...

In some overseas jails as what I understand, the inmates will mete out further "punishment" when the convict goes in for sex and child abuse offences. Society, including those in jail, are not tolerant of such animals.

Just wondering whether he will meet with the same fate in Changi Resort.

Maybe when he comes out, he will truly regret what he did to the poor child who was unable to defend himself. He may probably also need a good doctor to look at his sore behind.


redbean said...

hi anonymous,

glad you like the pics. just playing with a hobby that i gave up many years back. now digi camera is very affordable and no messy and time wasting processing. you can should several hundred pics in a day without costing a cent. instant gratification! not bad for a hobby.

i am using the Fujifilm S100FS. This is a bridge camera, in btw a compact and a DSLR. one zoom for all purposes. no need to lug along several lenses. I must say the lens is good enough, quite near to SLR quality. what i posted are very much reduced in pixel size, from 2-5 megapixel down to less than 60k megapixel. still sharp enough to be look pleasing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You can't make a comparison. It is a matter of law. Both are severe crimes.

How can you say that the guy who sucked the little boy's cock "didn't "cause harm"? Are you nuts?

Janice said...

Children is the most innocent party. Worst, is that a lot of time, adults think that having children around will hinder them. Then they end up hating the child and abusing them. Like what CatFightLover said, his behind may be sore after he comes out from jail. They said that that's what they do to child rape case in US. Don't know whether true a not

Anonymous said...

ok, Fujifilm S100FS will be off the shelves ;)

Anonymous said...

ok, tomolo Fujifilm S100FS will be off the shelves ;)

Matilah_Singapura said...

To Janice:

Anal rape specifically directed to child sexual abusers is prevalent in most jails, because many of the men in jails are fathers. However, sometimes it is worse (better?) -- child molesters are killed by other prison inmates.

> adults think that having children around will hinder them. < The sooner people start realising this, the less problems there will be.

Having children definitely "hinders" you -- you won't have the same 'freedom' you used to have. You won't have as much money to yourself. You have to take into account that your actions affect your children. And so on...

But people read too many magazines -- especially women -- or watch idiots like Oprah, who spread the 'gospel' that women (or men) with children can have the same freedoms as they did when they were single.

Grow the fuck up. If you can't behave like a responsible adult and be a half-decent (not perfect) parent, you shouldn't be fucking without any birth control.

Matilah_Singapura said...


To Janice: my use of the pronoun "you" is not directed at you personally.

Last time I used it, the blogger named "Jaunty" got confused.

Anonymous said...

Mr Matilah Singapura:

me feels that comparisons made to the Two Cases mentioned is justified as the three year old victim suffered much physical harm before his death.

I for one, would like to see the mother of the victim charge and the punishment for the convicted accused to be enhanced.

Really wish that the Singapore Police and the Court will take further action.


Jaunty Jabber said...

his is a note of salutation to all the Great Women who have somehow or rather, become a single-mum with kids to rise.

I know of some single-mum stories, there are single-mothers who gave up their opportunity to seek a new love, to re-marry if they don't find a man who could be kind to their children.

These women, despite coping with their physical & financial strain to raise their children single-handedly, they are also lonely most of the time and needed someone's shoulder to lean on. However, they pulled through and get on with life; they overcome all the difficulties independently without a partner.

A single-mum is able and is willing to go through all the hardship for the good of her children, because she loves them dearly so. The interests of her children are priority. If a man she happened to love is found to be not as kind to her children, she chose to protect their children, not her personal happiness. She turned away or foregoes a 2nd chance in her life to seek another life-partner. She is determine to give her children a safe home and the space that is free of all kind of possible abuses.

A single-mum endured her lives without a partner, always missing a shoulder to lean on, sacrificing her own happiness. She is determine that her children need to grow with full dignity and respect. No one is to harm her child, no one.

The 3 year old boy who was in the news on today's papers has made many of us sad and furious. He is just any innocent toddler, the only difference he has is not having a mum that loves him enough. His mum is not like the other great single-mums; his mum has chosen her lover and put her own happiness at higher priority than him, selfishly and cruelly, all at the expense of his sufferings.

I hope anyone who have grown up under the gentle protective hands of a great mum, especially of single-mum, do not forget what your mum has sacrificed that much for you. Or else, you could have suffered a horrible childhood.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I missed typing a "T" to my starting word. My comment above should begin with "This is a salutation note........."

Novice said...


I too am interested in taking up photography.

What's the best price for the Fujifilm S100FS and where can I get it?

I note that this cam was launched early last year. Is there a 2009 model with similar attributes?

You were overly simplistic when you said just point and shoot. You need a little innate talent no?

redbean said...

hi novice, welcome to the blog.

oh i got it for slightly less than $1k, with a 3 section tripod, 2 batteries and a 4g sd card when it first hit the market last year. you probably can get it slightly cheaper now. in the fujifilm forum at digital camera product review you will be amazed by the quality of what this camera can produced. it's 28-400mm with an option of magnification is quite adequate for most situations.

as for photography, yeah, a proper lesson will help a lot. it is technical and an eye for beauty, a little flair and composition that makes the final work great. then you need the objects, knowledge of the objects, timing, how to use the right combination of the camera functions, etc to capture that perfect moment. actually it involves many many things.

but for beginners and amateurs, many may just want to start with shooting without having to grapple with the technical aspects of light and machine. now a third part is post processing.

take it one step at a time. sign up for a course if you want to improve from just taking 3R party shots.

redbean said...


for those who are interested in finding out more about the capability of this camera, go to the above site, and read the discussion forum for fujifilm talks. many good photographers have posted their greats shots taken with this camera.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You are trying to make an objective comparison between physical harm (in the present) and psychological harm which occurs after the event. Therefore if you were the judges in these cases you might have sentenced the 2 accused criminals differently. And you wouldn't be wrong.


Yes, too many responsible single mums (and dads) are lumped into the same category as the loser-type single parents — the folks who should have had a little rationality left to use birth control before engaging in lust-driven recreation.

In The United Soviet Federation of Australia, we have a (diminishing -- thankfully!) welfare state. The govt actually 'rewards' you as a woman to pump out babies.

For example: if you are a single mum with 2 kids, the govt gives you around $35-40k a year. Now you tell me if I am correct — 'rewarding' people for irresponsible behavior creates more irresponsibility.

Women can end up single mums through no fault of their own — death of their husband for example. That is a lot different from a chick who just picks up guys, bangs them simply to get pregnant so that these women can claim welfare from the state. BTW, yes,it does happen. Some women come to their senses and regret it, causing them to take responsibility and alter their thinking and behaviour, but many others just don't give a shit and continue to expect "help" from others instead of helping themselves.

In fact, I've just experienced a horror story with one of these mums, her current 'disposable' boyfriend and her kids.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I would like to define that the single-mums whom I praised and salute to are those who turned single because of failed marriage, husband deceased, separated due to abusive husband, this kind of situation.

For those whom pro-create without responsibilities in mind are not the people I visualized when I wrote that salutation note.

The death of that 3 yr old boy who are tortured to death by his mother's boyfriend has lead me to recall seeing those single mums who brought up their kids with sacrifice of own happiness, discarding their boyfriend when they are found to be mistreating the kids.

auntielucia said...

Redbean, the two cases bothered me too. The chap who preyed on children is obviously sick and jail may not be the best place for him. IMH perhaps? The other chap cld be mental too tho probably of more sound mind than the child molester. Unless he's high on drugs? But then, in S'pore that's little excuse. I hope our AG would review the cases, if they r within his purview?

Daniel Ling said...

I just had a thought which isn't related to any of the comments.

What if for both cases, the offender happen to be either a Shin Min Editor or someone High Level or Greater Mortal Classification. And they had no intention to do what they did.

I do wonder what the punishment would be like.

Snacks for thoughts

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Daniel,

Sexual offends cannot be without intention. To attack young children, elderly, handicapped people contain a basic intention to bully, encroach, exploit.

Sexual offends among adults do not include assessment of intent, but consent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Sexual offends cannot be without intention. < Absolutely true.

And even if they are committed by "insane" people (i.e. unaware of their actions or the implications), these people must be dealt with in such a way by the state so that they pose no danger to any more children — e.g. secure custody and/or chemical castration.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Chemical Castration

redbean said...

today the paper reported of a deliberate, unprovoke, intentional scratching of a car, twice on two separate occasions by the same culprit. this is a pure vandalism case. why no caning?

such car vandalism acts are on the rise and a few examples must be made to stop this anti social and criminal behavior.