The Aware Battle - Who won?

From an obscure little association of 300 members, it's membership has swelled to over 3000 in a matter of weeks. The association must be the biggest winner in this battle. The old Exco has been returned to power and the new Exco booted out. The new Exco did not stand a chance the moment the church cuts off its support from the group. Otherwise, what is 3000 members, they could get 30,000 or more if they were together. And the voting was all about the composition of the new Exco, that it does not reflect the racial and religious realities of the country. They were seen as being too Christian and too Chinese for a secular organisation. The homosexual agenda was a non issue. Is it that it was a non issue or it was swept away by the forces to remove the new Exco for the way they invited themselves to a party? Apparently, from the lack of interest in discussing the homosexual issue, one can interpret that homosexuals are now an accepted and welcome reality in our society. Their presence was greatly felt in the EGM in great numbers. The homosexuals should take some comfort that they have been accepted by all as part and parcel of our way of life, not queers. They no longer need to feel paranoid about themselves and hide in the closet. In fact, other than a few small groups that have very strong views of homosexuality, no one bothers about whether one is straight or queer. With this issue settled, will the curriculum of the CSE need to be revised, or should the investigation by MOE continue? The EGM has in a way confirmed that what Aware has been doing is what the Aware members want, or what the supporters of the old Exco want. A new chapter of the Aware movement has begun. Or the old chapter will continue to be written the way it was written.


Speedwing said...

In spite of what was published in the ST this morning, Singaporeans have shown themselves to be a more tolerant society. Changes are in the air and Singaporeans are slowly becoming a more gracious society. I am happy to feel that wind of change. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi speed

I feel the wind of change too and i am not happy soon same sex marriages will be tolerated...slowly edging that way & slowly accepted by OLD committee as neutral.

Speed, like virus they lay dormant for many years & only to appear like a sore.

Preachers of feel good effect like your position merely postponed the core issues.More Tolerance of gays and homosexual activities have nothing to do with a more gracious society.

"I am happy" .. same as lame viewpoint of a fence-sitter. Feel good talk good do not have any constructive approach - just nice words with nothing to contribute. A critical viewpoint can turn a critical decision.

I will be happy if Siew KH no longer serve in NMP scheme. Pro-family NMP should be elected in his place ie look into falling our birth rates against allowing a bald headed lawyer requesting for anal-sex to be allowed.

Anal sex does not produced babies unless Siew KH can show how? Speedwing - can ANAL sex produces babies? What change are you talking about? You are indirectly promoting same sex sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

AWARE is an organization set up to help address feminist issues and gender equality. Hence if one looks into the whole breadth of issues, is homosexuality the main issue, or is it one of the many and behind even more pronounced issues? Which needs more attention -- rape, abuse, inequality in gender treatment, etc, or homosexuality? (BTW, Singaporeans seemed to get mixed up between what is gay and what is homosexuality. They are not synonymous)

Thus when a religious driven group starts to impose its own interpretation upon secular organizations like AWARE, especially when based on one particular issue without carefully examining the others, does it not lay the seed for religious power struggles? Let's take a moment and think about it. ... "hmm, my religious group does not think it is right to eat animals. OK, let's organize a take over."

Organizations like AWARE needs diversity. It is a option that complements the other options. Some people encountering issues need an open receptacle to help them reason/work it out.

CatFightLover said...

WTF, more than 90K dollar of good money down the tube for 7 hours of circus and tomfoolery.

This money could be better used to provide a monthly allowance for the worst off elderly card board collecting old women.

Look at the queers in the mob that turned up at Sunset City.

This sorry episode convinced me that latent lesbianism lurks beneath every woman that walks this earth. Pity those men that accompanied their womenfolk to the fiasco. They don't know what they got themselves into.


Anonymous said...

Temasek lost..

.. ABC learning centres sold for a dollar each to charity.

wow, what a "really fantastic deal!" said the australians.


redbean said...

the josie lau group lost primarily because many viewed the christians as a pushy group, out to evangelise the lost sheep. and the cutting off of support from the church ended up with this group as the only christian group fighting its own cause. they lost the christian supporters and lost the fight.

as for the $90k, it is big money and must sue. but how big is $90k is really just relative. it depends on who is looking at the sum. not even a peanut.

Anonymous said...

Most(who followed/follow the Saga) gained.

No one won but everybody gains(more informed, get to know the prevailing social(sexuality) cultures, parental views and concerns etc).

The People as a whole had the opportunity to witness how our leaders behaved and are behaving. Their(leaders) interactions with the masses has struck a better balance and hopefully gets more intimate and sincere.

In all, quite a lot of positive developments are generated in the AWARE Saga.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I doubt that it is over.

Bigots don't quit.

Anonymous said...

The old guard might have won the EOGM.

But Josie's team got parents riled up against homosexuality, derailed CSE and got MOE to investigate. They have dealt a blow to the LGBT agenda.

All these come with a price tag of $90K, paid by someone else. So, who won?

redbean said...

one day the people will say thank you to josie and her group. they stood up to be the bad guys, i mean bad gals, to champion a cause.

they say no one likes to know the difficult truth. and the bearer of difficult truth often got burnt at the stake.

Jaunty Jabber said...

It is always easier for anyone to ask difficult questions to the others.

Let's not be too focus on the $90K spent, if you need to book a place that size in town and engage that many security officers, plus other miscellaneous cost, you may spend more than that.

Afterall, that flock of new members should have pooled a good sum of more than $100K ($40/pax). No problem to breakeven.

redbean said...

is $90k a substantial sum? it all depends on the circumstances. $390 may be substantial, $600k may be peanuts, billions may be nothing.

this is the theory of relativity in politics.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I don't like peanuts, especially expensive ones. When I order ice-cream, I make sure that there is no nut on it. When I buy a chocolate, I too make sure that there isn't any nut in it.

Nut, peanuts, especially the expensive ones, please stay away from me.

Anonymous said...

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