9 NCMPs up for grabs!

This is the carrot that the govt is waving at the opposition parties. They know that the opposition candidates will not win an election except for Chiam and Low. And Chiam is fading away with age. The opposition may be left with Low alone unless Chiam can find a worthy successor to replace him. So far none in sight. Chaim should consider Sylvia Lim if all else failed. But not all is lost. The opposition can now hope to contest for the 9 NCMP seats available. This is their best bet. Don't forget, we have yet to hear anything about ensuring better quality MPs, indirectly saying that the barrier could be raised. If that be the case, the opposition will have to scratch their heads botak to find better candidates to stand. They can approach Siew Kum Hong as a possible. Not to be distracted, let's return to this happy proposition that opposition parties should be gunning to be NCMPs. The govt can make this more attractive by increasing the allowance for NCMPs. Then perhaps the opposition can serious go for it. And perhaps the opposition can table a counter proposal in Parliament to have 50% of the contested wards be offered NCMP seats. That will ensure a greater presence of opposition MPs in Parliament, a livelier debate and maybe a better govt. And the ruling govt can continue to be the govt forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

I can see no difference whether 9 or 50 NCMPs are offered to the opposition to contest.

If voters mindset doesn't change, and I doubt they will, what is the point of such tweaks if in the end we are going to see another 9 to 50 more PAP NCMPs in Parliament, making up the same old choir and singing the same old song.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Anyone who sits in parliament and who is not in by popular vote is no Member of Parliament in my books. And that includes NMP.Better save the MP allowance and donate it to charity.

Anyway, things seem hoky doky. So why change it if it ain't broke?

Wally Buffet.

Anonymous said...

A member of parliament by definition is a representative ELECTED from the people by the people for the people.

All non-elected "MPs" are not members of parliament according to the legal definition and common sense.

All these are non-elected "MPs" and they therefore do not have the mandate of the people:

1 NCMPs = Loser MPs.
2. NMPs = Favoured MPs.
3. WMPs = Walkover or Default MPs.

Just count how many of those 84 MPs in our Parliament are truly elected MPs!

No-Free Buffet.

redbean said...

if we just need alternative views, just read cyberspace and there will be plenty of it. and all comes free too.

redbean said...

we shall develop a two house system. an upper house for elected MPs. a loser house for non elected MPs. oops, i mean lower house.

Anonymous said...


And a house outside for the protesters.

Wally Buffet.