Working is a crime! The officer was in hot pursuit of an illegal worker. He fell, picked himself up immediately and continued the chase. The culprit was arrested. Such is the drive, dedication and commitment of a well trained team of MOM officers in the call of duty. They have a job to do and they did well. Efficiency in the line of duty is hallmark in all civil servants. And one should not forget the exemplary efficiency and effectiveness of our car park attendants. They never miss issuing a ticket if it is deserving. What am I grumbling about? The illegal immigrants were not selling pirated VCDs or operating a gambling den or prostituting. Many were just moonlighting as cleaners and odd job labourers. They were prepared to sweat, work hard, to exchange their labour for a few dollars. Why are they turned into criminals, chased around by govt officers, arrested, fined and maybe even caned? Yes, they are criminals. The law said so. No permit to work is a crime. Period. What about the employers who employed them and exploited them for their cheap labour? Why were they not arrested? Would it not be easier to arrest the employers and terminate this vicious cycle when hungry men and women are turned into criminals just because they want to work? Oh, these are children of lesser gods. Just a general comment. The law is neutral and has no feelings, and inhuman at times. And the law is the law. The issue is the zealousness in the execution and persecuting of the violaters. I would be more at ease if public officers, in the course of their duties, think a little about rights and wrongs, about being humans, about justice and fairness, about righteousness and moral principles. If public officers cannot think or will not think, and leave morals and principles in their lockers, govts will be better off deploying a task force of Robocops, machines that just do within thinking, with no morals, no feelings and no moral principles. I am saying this in general. This sickness is affecting govt officers all around the world, and particularly so in dictatorship or authoritarian regimes. And worst of all, the biggest violators of such inhuman acts is the US. There, children of lesser gods have no rights, and are treated as collateral damages. The hideous acts of public officers when they abused their positions of power are more criminal than the crimes committed by criminals. Sad thing is that they did not think so and think that it is their job, in the course of duty,something to be proud of. A couple of days back there was this woman in China who had her 4 front teeth knocked out by public officers just for protesting about a crime or injustice done to her. Sometimes you would not know who are the real gangsters. I always call George Bush and his team gangsters.


Anonymous said...

All revolving door of gangsters, some are more open in their actions, while others will charm you and you will not know what hit you.

most people are not fool but we are sucker for charm and chrisma. Simple change of vcabularies and termninology for pc and pr are soup de jour.

Anonymous said...

The Sad Side about LAWS is that it does not equal JUSTICE !


redbean said...

in countries like taiwan and japan, being a gangster is fashionable. they can sit in parliament and make laws too. ah bian even make himself very rich.

Anonymous said...

Does it mean those who carry out their civil service duties under state instructions are proxies to gangsterism/politicans. Those officers must be feeling like goons now for helping to perpertuate a particular political party example pay their proxies 20millions.

Ah, aa a student i had to work hard just to earn a little monies to tie over. There should never be strong arm clowning around or against those who chose to work hard. SIN is a grand MISSnomer

Go after the Employer and snake-heads & snakeheads proxies working inside MOM departments. They are the real criminals.