Which blog or forum is part of the PAP stable?

The PAP has been preparing itself to play a bigger role in cyberspace. Having recognised that this is an area it cannot neglect and cannot close down, the only other option is to engage cyberspace fully as an active participant. It mentioned that it has its blogs and forums in place and it can be expected to launch its entry into cyberspace with a big bang. Now which are the blogs and forums that are actually linked with the PAP? So far we have only heard of the famous P65 and the YPAP forum. Which other ones will stand up and declare that it is also a PAP blog/forum? It will be interesting to see the real faces when the curtains are drawn. But I bet not every blog/forum will reveal its true affiliation. So there will still be a lot of guess work to try to identify who is the real McCoy.


Anonymous said...

The moment people smell the odour of the establishment they will avoid the blog like a plague. Honestly I have never visited P65 or YPAP forum.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

I guarantee you that my blog is not part of PAPPY's "stable".

So please don't visit my blog for advice on who to vote for.