What are Singaporeans being taken for?

The media had been inundated with spurious reports of cat fights as if Singaporeans are nosey people and have nothing better to do. And that cat fights are really something that is worth reading and talking about. Maybe there is nothing better to print or too much space to fill. But these are all so petty stuff in my view. It is just my view? The other aspect that is more disturbing is that after all these years of development, from illiteracy, poverty to a first world country, the mindset of a helpless, unthinking and stupid people is still unchanging. Did anyone notice any difference or agree with my observation? I am writing based on the comments and attitude coming out from Parliament. Every papa and mama in Parliament are thinking of how well to look after all these lost kids that never grow up and did not know how to take care of themselves. They wanted to set all kinds of rules to make sure the kids are not exploited or bullied in the streets. Even the little boys and girls who suddenly walked into Parliament also think so, that they are now the mamas and papas with heavy responsibilities in their hands. They fear for the safety of the kids, and the only wise thing to do is to set more rules for them to follow in case they misbehaved. Singaporeans are the forever never grow up kids that need to be told how to behave, how to walk, eat and sleep. And the lines are drawn very clearly for them. It is all for their own good. Without these papas and mamas running their lives Singaporeans will be lost, helpless and their lives in jeopardy. Thank god, or thank the papas and mamas, Singaporeans are so well looked after. It is also like when someone puts on a robe, he is instantly a well informed and enlighten person to dispense wisdom of the world for the laymen and laywomen..


Anonymous said...

That's why when they try competing overseas they get clobbered in China (SIP, Comfort Taxis), Thailand (Shin Corp) and Indonesia (Telkomsel and Indosat), not to mention the disastrous foray into Western Banks.

And that's the result of an over protective leadership and a naive, nannied and unthinking population, which will get lost when faced with real tough competition overseas.

And our leaders and unthinking population still continue to think that we are well ahead of everyone else around us, something along the lines which the old man was thinking when he spoke about the win-win situation in co-operation with Vietnam, so long as we are ahead of them and they will want to learn from us. We said that about China not long ago. Now the wheels are turned and the Chinese are beating us by producing goods much cheaper and more innovative.

Will the Vietnamese have much to learn from us, or will they be better than us, like China, within the next decade? I would not bet against that. They are the most resilient people you can find and have been tested in most trying circumstances.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah, relac lah redbean. People fighting like animals is fun to watch lah. Anyway it is good to know that people have so much time on their hands, therefore they must be at least comfortable, which means the economy is alright — considering the times we're in.

So people, fight on! Sometimes TV is boring and live entertainment is more 'in your face' so to speak.

redbean said...

people fighting is none of my business and i don't mind watching. but to have kids thinking about my safety and freedom and what i can do and can't do, now that is a bit too much to swallow.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you think that looking after your family is important (which I assume it is), then direct your concerns toward fixing whatever needs to be fixed.

As for me, I could care less. The country was lost to the state a long time ago, and I doubt that the people will ever recover their country.