They trusted him

In the Shi Ming Yi case in court yesterday it was reported that they trusted him and let him determine his own salary. And they have good reasons to do so. Ren Ci is so successful today because of one man, I mean monk. Shi Ming Yi is so talented and has a lot of followers and is able to raise the profile of Ren Ci and the multi million dollar donations that it received over the years. So, shouldn't people be grateful to his great contribution and talent and let him continue to run the organisation the way he knows best?


IMHcase275943 said...

With his talents, I will gladly pay him a bonus of 20 mil. if he works for me. He built Ren Ci from nothing. Reminds me to get my sec. to call him after the case is over.

redbean said...

hi IMHcase, welcome to the blog.

we are having great personalities here : )

there are several agencies looking out for candidates to raise funds. i am headhunting for them and have several talented candidates in mind.

Anonymous said...

It is very certain that he is outwardly a more pious Buddhist than another self-claimed buddhist.

The Latter wishes to have his unfilial subjects send to hell.

'Trust' is a beautiful word not to be used indiscriminately, few are worthy of trust.

Discerning said...

Hi Redbean,
To be honest, I have never trusted this monk from the start. His suspicious eyes give him away. My opinion is that a monk should stick to his religion and not become a "stuntman" to be popular and to solicit for funds.
There are also may others who emulate his charisma except they use their mouths to "mesmerise" their followers.

redbean said...

hi discerning, welcome to the blog.

my view is that a religious person should abide by his religious code of conduct. any religious person that goes after money and big fat pay is a suspect for using religion for his monetary interest.

monks have taken vows of poverty. how could monks be asking for tens of thousands of dollars in salary? this is already a giveaway.

even jesus said the rich will find it difficult to enter heaven.