Terrorists at home

I am very sadden by the child abuse video posted in Stomp. I feel so sorry for the poor child who was being kicked around by the woman in the house. A child expects love and tender care. She must be so shock and did not even know what was going on. My god, how could this be allowed to go on? I recommend to parade the woman in the street and let the public kick her for pleasure. Why would people pay so much to bring a terrorist home?


Anonymous said...

i hope the children are ok.

just insane. swift and severe action must be taken asap, no public flocking.

you ask a very good question, is there a simple answer?

redbean said...

the video is truly disturbing. how would the parents feel seeing their babies being kicked around?

the woman in the picture must be made an example of, flash her face for all to see. there is no need to protect her privacy. let everyone who she to deter a repeat of such a cruel act. it may not solve the problem, but it will prevent some.