Tea Party protest

The Americans are organizing a nation wide Tea Party protest against the govt of Obama for high taxes and high spending. For the size of America, the protest could easily reach out to millions of Americans and millions will be on the streets or assembling in public areas. Just imagine what would happen when they turn violent and go rioting? They will be out of control and there will be damages to properties and lost of lives. A highly dangerous thing to do. But the protest will go on in America like another Sunday church gathering. And very likely there will be no rioting except for a lot of noise and the people letting off steam in a boisterous way. Compare this with the dangerous cycling event that the WP was trying to organize in East Coast Park. Unimaginable. We were so lucky that such an event was not allowed to be staged, or else it could become dangerous to public safety and security. Now why are Singaporeans so dangerous and not allowed to assemble in groups of 4 or more? Basically Singaporeans are still a bit wild, irresponsible, reckless, a bit uncivilized or primitive I supposed, prone to violence, very typical of unruly Asians. Better if they can be caged for their own good. It will take years before Singaporeans will become civilized, to be like the Americans and be allowed to stage peaceful protest in the public. Singaporeans need to be educated to be peace loving and responsible. We need to learn a lot from civilized countries like the US. One day we will be civilized and will be allowed to stage peaceful protest. One day, but this one day will not be here sooner or in the foreseeable future. The thought of letting Singaporeans on the loose is so frightening. Don’t even think of it.


Dog said...

When well educated people adopt the attributes of the farmer's cows then these people are civilised. So there won't be need for Public Order since the govt will the know its control is absolute and secure.

Note the dog though friendly are still riskier to keep.

Anonymous said...

Dog say, we should never allow WP to organise cycling. Dog must be PAP.

Dog have not realise there are 1 million migrants to know finer points in civility.

Dog licking up to PAP master, the objectivity lost forever. Even PAP think dog is boring.

Dog attempt to correct old wounds. Dog put tail between legs and run to master.

Dog now join the nerdy head and win some balls.

redbean said...

hi dog, you have been away for a while. welcome back.

just made a post on what singaporeans have been taken for.

Anonymous said...

Well, in Singapore, the Tea Parties are only allowed to be organised by the puppet masters to select suitable puppets for the puppet troupe. Nothing dangerous, except when probably organised by the WP.

Lost Citizen

Matilah_Singapura said...

The difference is that America was founded on dissent to authority. "Tea parties" are part of American culture, to protest government profligacy and taxes — especially "taxation without representation" (which is prohibited by the American Constitution)

Singapore OTOH doesn't really have a history of protest. In fact, the cultural belief is that protests in S'pore end up in mob violence and people being killed. Historical accounts are used by the government in a fallacious chain of reasoning:

In the past, protests in Singapore have led to mob violence, injuries and fatalities" This is like saying "we have observed that having motor vehicles and roads cause accidents which result in injury and death... therefore we should ban cars and roads".

You can play "spot the logical fallacy" to debunk the government's claims on why they need Public Order Acts and all sorts of measures to restrict protests. Here's a list to get you started: List Of Logical Fallacies

redbean said...

matilah, your blog and your blog. which is your blog?