Storms in a sick society

The storms are here and to stay. For more than a week, the public are being exposed to the unfortunate sagas of the monk with expensive taste and love for materialism, and the increasing tension between groups of educated women clashing over values of gays, lesbians and Christianity. The best part is that these will be here to stay. No one is questioning what religious people should be or expected to be. And now there is a new interpretation that modernisation, materialism, moneyism are all acceptable norms in religion. The other battle is about tolerance to defiant lifestyles versus traditional or conservative values. Someone asked me if liberalism is equivalent to conservatism, to allow, accept with enthusiasm, or to let live without kicking a row. While the storms are brewing, the celebration or revelation of such tussles as part and parcel of modern life is a sure sign that the society is sick. And while there is no sign of how these sicknesses will be addressed and put right, we shall not be consumed by these raging storms and forget about the bigger issues that we have been talking about and feeling bitter or unhappy about. The old issues of billions of dollars lost, the outrageous high cost of living that are stuffed to the people must not be forgotten while we watch the battles that are going on.


BoredZorro said...

This is not a sick society. It is just getting more interesting by the day.

Would you rather have all monks behaving like monks, all priests behaving like priests and all cats not fighting now and then?

Wouldn't life be so boooooooring ?


redbean said...

welcome BoredZorro.

in a way, yes. i can't imagine what was left to write about if we don't have flamboyant monks and killer sisters : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Religion and religious ideas, along with politics and 'public' morality are incredibly emotional and divisive paradigms.


> It is just getting more interesting by the day. < Oh how true that is!

Anonymous said...

Human beings will always try to interpret anything, be it religion or morality, into something that they want it to be, to take advantage of, and then pronounce it as the new concept that society should follow.

And the suprising thing is that many people will indeed follow, with eyes wide open.

Lost Citizen