So much over petty politics

Why are so much effort and resources been devoted by the media over petty politics? The amount of effort put in by journalists and reporters to cover this issue is truly impressive, as good as covering a general election. So much talents were put to good use to follow and research on the squabbling and then to write serious articles on the happenings. Someone should follow up by aggregating the reports both in TOM and cyberspace and there should be enough material for a book. Perhaps a best seller.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, are you talking about the saga at AWARE? I still have no idea what all the hooha is about. I see ST has devoted much space over the past days on this matter, so it must be of national interest. Can you please explain why there are so much bitterness between the feuding parties?

bbqchickenwings said...

I wish they talk more about the swine flu or the economy. Its frustrating to see so many pages devoted to the AWARE saga everyday

redbean said...

hi speed, it is just about turf fight. nothing in the equivalent of national issues. petty politics is the appropriate term for it.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Redbean,

I agree with you that the most appropriate title is "Petty Politics" for this whole AWARE saga.

And if someone is to consider that the whole saga is worth publishing a book, then its title shall be "Petty Politics Make You Fail even if You Win".

The saga only reveal the ugly sides of things with multiple facets. I am so glad that I am only a onlooker and a commenter, I thank myself for not a member there.

redbean said...

haha jaunty,

this is big issue to those who are in it. we outsiders can only watch in amazement.

Anonymous said...

Speed, here is the expanation. One TSM & one TOM. You see SM and OM didnt agree on a sexual issues. OM said no sex will only means AID stay around longer becos there werent many to share the AID virus; SM was only trying to get family to relax and have a happy family life but the problem is SM didnt know family werent having enough sex and AW was trying to get boys girls more interested in sex and relaxed a bit more and share around the virus which would otherwise stay with AW - OM think there are too few to share & spread the virus around. OM helped AW whereas SM didnt agree becos OM & AW took it to the schools and SM was afraid the young girls will learned about sex too early. You see SPEED, SEX was the problems. TOM & TSM got involved. Have you got it now?

auntielucia said...

My view is that petty politics or not, our MSM and the Internet ghouls are both supportive of the Old Aware. And the power of Aware is such that, going by the cryptic continuous reference to "tolerance" by our various PAP politicians, the Govt is also behind the Old Guard. My money is on the old Aware winning the day on May 2, unless by some miracle the meeting is called off..

Jaunty Jabber said...

The meeting should be called-off as the old guards are buying votes. Vote buying is making election result synthetic, thus the whole thing should be called off. If the old guard really believed that they are the only one that deserves to run AWARE, they should have patience to wait. Next AGM they can make a come back.

The whole AWARE is a failure now. Its members are more interested in keeping their own seats intact.

Jaunty Jabber said...

If the synthetic results happen to work for the old guards and they win in the end. There is more things to be ashamed of than to be proud of. This is not only my view, I believe the whole public is disgusted by the way they fight.

Anonymous said...

If there is proof that the old guard is buying votes, then checkmate.

After watching CNA's 4-part series of videos on the new Exco's new conference released yesterday on CNA website, the old guard seems to be hiding something by not handing over the CEDAW report but giving excuses. Apparently, there were some discrepancies between old guards' report and the official guidelines but they refused to let the new guard have it.

Anonymous said...

What is the agenda,knowing well that PAP always have one thro' 154th.

PAP has been extreme righteous and exploited Asian values thro out the years to gain votes,especially thro' the 154th for 66.67%

Now that MM Lee has decided to explouit the creative power of gays,this is a GOD sent opportunity to turn around their own theory for 50 years,since 1959 when Mayaor Ong Eng Guan launcjhed the anti yellow culture show supported by Harry Lee then.

154th has only one aim in their whole operation,and that is to gain votes for their master ,PAP.

redbean said...

while we are discussing issues, some will take more neutral stand, some will be more robust in their beliefs. what is important is to respect the diversities of views. someone may see an elephant with a small tail, some with a big trunk, some with big ears. we are all human beans and are products of our upbringing and environment.

redbean said...

in my latest post on this subject, i can see how dangerous this issue is if not nip in the bud. read constance singam's letter in the ST forum to gauge what she saying.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that women must form association before they could help other women(with problems/difficulties) ?


to fight for their Rights when they are protected by the Womens' Charter ?


Jaunty Jabber said...

Anyone can help anyone. Association provide the resources.

Most important to me is, a woman should not make use of AWARE like a bridge to reach out to people and then deliver hidden agenda under the bridge or after crossing the bridge.

A woman should not make use of AWARE to deliver polished up sparkling curriculum to schools & the general public when down under, is a woman who do not live what she preached.

A woman from the above-said, if she goes round teaching people how to prevent STD & HIV and how to use condoms, when in her personal lives, is indulging in casual sex - then how to justify the organization's credibility?

If this woman in AWARE, who is supposed to be protecting woman's well being and seeking fairness for woman, down on her personal living, steal other woman's husband or boyfriend, then is she still qualified to advocate for woman?

All were so pretentious and fake when there is such member in AWARE.

Coming to here, no reader would wonder if this is talking about the new or old team, right? As it is pretty obvious that the new team hasn't do anything, they haven't have a chance to start any advocacy yet.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Oops! Please excuse me. I discovered that I have made several typo error all over the previous comment I have posted.

Let me re-do it here, correction on my typo err are denoted with ** & in capital letters………….

Even with today’s MOE press release on their point of view over AWARE school programmes, it is **MIGHT not convincing that there is **OR THERE ISN’T ANY hidden agenda delivered by the old AWARE.

Why? Because things **MAY goes on invisibly. MOE’s message is a fair one as they are judging it only from whatever is visible on surface.

MOE do not know if there are things going on down under or long after the talks, they are not in the position to know as well.

Therefore, my points are, if there are communication channels or reference points after the talks, that is the time where no one would restrict what the trainer would share with the trainees.

Anyone can help anyone. Association provide the resources and the label, the brand.

Most important to is, a woman should not make use of AWARE like a bridge to reach out to people and then deliver hidden agenda under the bridge or after crossing the bridge.

A woman should not make use of AWARE to deliver polished up sparkling curriculum to schools & the general public when down under, went around teaching people how to prevent STD & HIV and how to use condoms, when in her personal lives, **COULD BE indulging in casual sex - then how to justify the organization’s credibility? Instead of helping to curb the spread rate of STD & HIV, she **MIGHT BE helping to spread the virus? Then she justify her act by claiming that being faithful is a fallacy and using a condom is more helpful than being faithful?

**IF a trainer was to say “being faithful is a fallacy, many faithful people contracted STD & HIV from their partners when condoms is not in use”. Then we shall see that she is misleading the youngs to stray from basic human moral & ethics.

Actually being faithful is fundamental protection against sexual diseases.
When the trainer said: being faithful do not save you from STD & HIV”, it is very wrong. To be unfaithful is really the primary root cause of nasty sexual diseases, the partner is not faithful, thus he/she passed the virus to his/her faithful partner.

Using of condom should never come to overtake the primary importance of being faithful.

Next, if “THERE IS this **KIND OF woman in AWARE, who is supposed to be protecting woman’s well being and seeking fairness for woman, down on her personal living, steal other woman’s husband or boyfriend, then is she still qualified to advocate for woman?

All were so pretentious and fake **IF there is such member in AWARE.

redbean said...

hi jaunty, you are very passionate about this issue and know quite a lot about what is happening. unfortunately not everyone knows what is happening. parents who are not complaining could be out of ignorance.

that is why singaporeans must speak out if they don't agree with issues of policies. otherwise people will assume that all is well and even think that these silent majority is supportive of the issue or policies.

redbean said...

no one objects what. so they must agree and are happy with it!

this is the singapore myth.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Redbean,

I am more passionate with your orchids blog.
I love the flowers, always. The flowers look so kind to me and friendly, orchid is my friends. I also love other flowers, but orchid to me is more than just a flower, they are strong and unafraid of threats. I hope I am a orchid.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Sharing of comments here is to provide a room for deeper thoughts.

I do not see myself appropriate to say anything like a hard fact even if I know of something. Because it is not worth inviting any personal trouble. Message shall get across subtly if one care to give it a deeper thoughts.

My views is not to change anyone’s idea or beliefs, is not to influence anyone. My views are here just to offer extra facets to all of the existing point of views & thoughts,

redbean said...

right. that's what i always try to do, to poke at little corners that people have not seen or forgotten. dig here and there so that more flies will scurry to the surface.

we need more diverse views to see the truth from the tooth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if my husband goes around fooling with other men, I will tell him to sleep with snakes. When girls fondle with one another, they should go and live with chimps.

Mankind, with or without religion, should uphold human values that evolved over many thousands of years. Mankind has left their caves and cages, there are no more primitive characteristic and behaviour.

Deviant sexual behaviours should not be condoned, more so abetted or encouraged.

Having said above, it is equally deplorable and sick to be scheming ruthless, treacherous, cunning, preposterous and unethical.

Using underhand ploys to usurp an organization supposedly to do good which the incumbent has failed or even transgressed, does not make the perpetrators any better than the party they overwhelmed.

Singapore is badly in need of leaders with integrities; piety alone is not enough. Leaders have to earn respectabilities, they got to be honourable. ARE THERE SUCH FINE LEADERS IN SIN ?


redbean said...

let the one who have not sinned be the first to throw the stone.

when jesus said that, he was very clear that no one is sinless. but he did not know that in paradise here, there are many that are sinless, perfect human beans.

Jaunty Jabber said...

We was told GOD created Man & Woman, nothing in between. There are people who was told differently?

redbean said...

in reality, some slipped through QC and are obviously not as perfect at they are meant to be. what shall we do with them?

in olden days they branded them as demons, fiends or monsters. some were outcast, isolated, ostracised or even chased into hiding. some beaten or stone to death.

today we are more enlightened and accepted their little differences. this is what inclusiveness is all about, living with everyone as they are.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the unprecedented loss of $200 billions Singapore reserves, CPF and tax money is less important than AWARE hence nothing is mentioned at all about the loss. So let's AWARE that billions loss is peanut to what happen to AWARE !

Anonymous said...

Singapore government is hooligan.
When people voice out against unjust policies, government says we love complaining. If we keep quiet, they take as been supportive !
Amazing clowns !