Should MPs be allowed to have full time employment?

The recent case of Josie Lau revealed the startling discovery that employees holding senior positions in an organisation should carefully review their ability and time commitment if they are to take another important appointment outside their organisation. This is particulary pertinent if both appointments are senior appointments that demand more of their time and effort. A good reference point is an appointment like the President of Aware and a VP position in a big organisation. If such a combination is deemed taxing enough on the appointment holder and to be discouraged, any combination that has more senior appointments than these must be avoided, if not, be disallowed. The rationale of time, commitment and responsibility to wear two such important hats is obvious. Can they really do a good job without compromising on the quality of their work? Unless such a fear is unfounded. Then we look at the job of an MP. Surely this must be at least 10x or 100x more demanding and taxing on the MP than the President of Aware. And what make things worst is that many of the MPs are holding more senior positions than just a VP. Many are CEOs with the responsibilities of the whole organisation. Should the issue of part time MP be reviewed in the light of such concerns? How can such an important appointment be done by part timers?


Matilah_Singapura said...

It's perfectly ok for an MP to be fully employed elsewhere.

God help S'pore is non-govt parliamentarians are spending all their time on parliamentary matters — the amount of state activity is enough. No need for any more.

Of course there's the issue of 'conflict of interest'. However, the recent events suggest that eventually the facts emerge in the open, so the system is reasonably 'safe'.

No need to panic. Go back to watching Oprah.

Speedwing said...

I read about someone wearing 154 hats. Is that OK too ?

Anonymous said...

the elites had been doing this lah, they privatised many departments into private entities and agencies. they can then be directors of these and that companies. Just like Phantom goes on first and fifteen of month to smell the incense. Multi income why not.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I see that envy is alive and well. The society is healthy.

Provided that there is no conflicts of interest, it is ok for an individual to wear as many hats in as many styles as possible.

The point about becoming an MP is that they are CHOSEN by the people (even though they come into office unopposed)

Republic = representative government.

redbean said...

did matilah miss what we are seeing and discussing?

Anonymous said...

again 2 sets of law,one for commoners and the other one for elites.

66.67% cheer and declare to PAP:pl fuck us hard like this!

Anonymous said...

Matilah :The point about becoming an MP is that they are CHOSEN by the people (even though they come into office unopposed)

Absolutely right! The point is that they are chosen by the people, therefore they should SERVE the people FULL TIME! They are being paid$13K+/mth+perks by the taxpayers. They should BE THERE whenever the people NEED them and not just for a few hours in a evening each week.
Then they start walking around shaking hands when elections are round the corner.
In certain countries, it's considered corruption when MPs receive remuneration other than their MP job.

Anonymous said...

Which brings us to the point of the need for so many MPs. If they can do their MP's job while being employed fulltime, they are just basically doing part time work as MPs. Why not make it a full time job for the MPs so that they can take care of a bigger electorate.

We could save a lot of money by having fewer MPs. It is logical isn't it?

Maybe my logic is not their lolgic, and the real reason is that the more MPs there are, the more difficult it will be for the opposition to contest.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...


"In the case of Geylang Serai Market, the Kampong Ubi CCC decided to build and manage the temporary market. Despite the best of efforts put in by the Temporary Market Management Committee in implementing its cleaning regime and in tackling the rat infestation problem, the problem had persisted.”

1. I am very curious to know how many hats our PAP MP Dr Ong Seh Hong for Marine Parade GRC and advisor to Kampong Ubi CCC wear.

2. By PAP standards, is "best of efforts put in" = forget about it for 3 years without any spring cleaning? Do we need highly paid super talents to do this?

3. Does our PAP MP knows that his failure has caused the death of 2 persons and an unborn child.

redbean said...

ha, i don't think it is the failure of our MPs. it must be due to something beyond their control.

let's move on, to the new hawker centre coming up.