Should the Aware EGM be cancelled?

I wanted to post this yesterday but looks like the police have edged me to it. The Changi Expo venue is going to be hot this Saturday. It will be a good place to watch the girls go walking by. Unfortunately the temperature may be too hot for some. The womenfolk are not going there for a party. Some are very agitated, some very angry. Some may be looking for blood, with their claws sharpened. So now the venue is Suntec City. Other than this, nothing changes. And the agenda is not going to be confined to non sensitive issues. It is highly and likely that in the heat of the moment, things that should not be said would be spoken. The danger of the meeting turning uncontrollable is much higher than a bicycle ride in the park. Maybe it is better to stop the meeting from proceeding, allow temperature to cool down, and let a smaller group to huddle in a more conducive place to smoke the peace pipe. At the way both sides are going about assembling their forces, do not be surprised by the turnout. The combatants are not just Aware members mind you. Some are emotionally charged because of their beliefs and convictions. Should it be stopped, or should they be set free to settle their differences?


CatFightLover said...

What can women do except bitch about each other? What uncontrollable danger is there? I can confidently say that nothing much will happen if their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers etc. don't get involved.

The international media should be invited to the slugfest. This catfight spectacle should take our minds off swine flue, the economy and other assorted scandals for the time being.

Anonymous said...

looks like an opportunity to invoke the new Public Order Act 2009!

redbean said...

do not underestimate the power of the fairer sex. man and woman are made to balance out each other. it is the second half of the yin yang equation. both are equally powerful if the universe is to be balanced.

and it is always more fun to be spectators in such fights.

welcome to the blog catFightLover.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the fuss about AWARE. Before this matter blew up in the open, how many of us have even heard of them?

redbean said...

let's see what's in the concoction.

1. women
2. religion
3. race
4. gays
5. lesbians
6. power/glory
7. pride
8. looking for a fight

the combination is lethal!

Anonymous said...

No way out

I hope they provide some wrestling entertainment too.

Jaunty Jabber said...

I think I pity CatFightLover, in his (I assume catfightlover is a man) entire lifetime he met only woman who can't do anything except bitching about each other. He have not met any woman who is capable and does meaningful work, is unfortunate for him.

Tan Ah Beng said...

Never underestimate the power of women. If WWI/WWII were started by female politicians, we'll still be at war now...

Janice said...

to think that my friend is making donation to them every month to help the unfortunate. i'm friend's really upset..

Anonymous said...

you have no chance.
the christian girls won't date you if you're not a christian man.
the rest won't date you cos you're a man.

redbean said...

welcome to the blog Tan Ah Beng. Now we have the first Beng with us: )

ya. men shall never underestimate the power of the women and what they can do. this world will come to an abrupt end without women. and life will be such a misery.

women have always stand side by side with men, as the other half.

nice pic, Janice.