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Shameless covering ups????

No, I am not referring to the two silly twits that walked around naked to think that it was cool. I am referring to the obvious, for those who can see them, past and present, the things that were covered up and a different truth being pronounced. Now, are you with me? Never mind. What is very shameful and destructive is that cover ups can never be covered up in this internet age when someone will know the truth and will spill the beans. Cover ups will only destroy the integrity of the system as well as the individuals, their moral standing and respectability as an individual. People in high offices, if they indulged themselves in cover ups or making misleading statements will only fall flat on their own faces. It is so stupid to try to hide the truth. The truth must be allowed to surface and the guilty shall be found guilty. The system and country is going to the pigs if we allowed the acts of covering up to be a norm in our society. Let those who have to fall... fall. Carrying them and covering them up in blankets will not do. It will not only lead to cynicism, it will lead to mistrust and a corrupt and bankrupt system of values and ethics.


rookielim said...


Do not know what you are trying to say. Are you covering up something?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the cover ups cannot be covered up, btu the question is what can those who expose the cover up on the Internet do about it, especially in a police state such as Singapore? The answer is a big, fat zero aka nothing!!

The sham that was the 1987 Marxist conspiracy has been exposed online. So has the story of the Teh Cheang Wan suicide, and the actual account surrounding the circumstances of the death of the PM's first wife.

Sure you can shout and scream all you want online, but at the end of the day, you will always realise that physically you are still trapped in a cage. And then the despondence will set in, and all the online hullaballoo will die a natural death. Just fess up to reality, Redbean. Singapore is a dangerous place to be a hero fighting the powers-that-be. Yes, the Internet has given the peasants a new avenue but at the same time don't forget that the vast powers available to the elitist Untouchables is also still there.

redbean said...

hi rookielim, i always cover up something : )

i can expect things to be different to those who are living in a different realm of existence. but i can't expect at the lower level of human beans that cover ups can also happen or there is a need to cover up.

Anonymous said...

In a top-down system of governance like ours, the lower strata of society will always take their cue from the higher ups. If they can do it, then so can I is the mantra.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.54, I agree with your observations. In some countries, they specifically set up laws to protect whistleblowers. In Singapore, the government will instead go after the whistleblowers, armed with draconian legislation like the OSA and ISA. What a sorry state of affairs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Govts of all countries all engage in cover ups — or at least attempt to engage in them. The only difference is the degree. for e.g. in China most things are covered up, in 'robust' democracies like Canada and Australia it is very difficult for the govt to do so (but they will try occasionally).

In a country where 'the govt can do no wrong' it is more 'challenging' to police and monitor the level of 'honesty' of the state. In other words — you just have to take your chances.

Anonymous said...

Cover-up...Redbean - are you referring to?

Trying some guesswork here...

1. GIC did not lose $58 billion as reported ..They lost $200 billions.. So there was cover-up..

2. NTU boy did not commit suicide after-all. There was something else... there was cover-up...

3. Mas Selamat did not escape from detention... there was something else..there was cover-up..They gagged hill and he smiled in Parliament.. Was there a cover-up?

4. There is more to ABC Child-care investment in Australia....(all gone in 5 months... Woof and its gone)... there was cover-up.

5. He played too much computer games as in Alan Ooi case.. there was cover-up...

Again below are pure pulp fictions

There are many serious implications .. involving many who are paid millions to protect SIN and are they covering-up. WHY or WHAT would they gain from covering-up.

Beans who help in covering up will be fearing for their life sooner or later... The end game is the chief dulang who orchestrate the cover-up will want to shut out the truth completely in surgical precision.

Is this place becoming a more worrisome place to live in?

redbean said...

uh...better don't anyhow say. imitate the elite, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing is a good motto to follow. let's talk about birds and bees.

Anonymous said...

Redbean you wrote " What is very shameful and destructive is that cover ups can never be covered up in this internet age when someone will know the truth and will spill the beans."

Redbean also wrote "uh...better don't anyhow say. imitate the elite, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing is a good motto to follow"

Redbeans - you two-timing with your gfs?

redbean said...

i am actually multi timing. i speak about the general state of things, so can also be called general timing.

what we said, without being too specific, should be good enough. the people know what we are talking about and those concerned also know. those who don't never mind.

if one does not mention anyone in particular, no one can sue you unless he/she is saying that you are referring to him/her. and for that, he/she would have to prove to everyone that he/she has indeed been guilty of something. otherwise, he/she should be walking around like stainless gods and angels, absolutely innocent.