Sentosa up its price for attractions

Some of the more popular attractions in Sentosa will have price hikes from $1 to $6. This is to increase the value of these attractions. Oh, like GST is to help the people. Quite logical actually. Sentosa has spent quite a bit of money in an advertising blitz in February to attract visitors to the island. The money spent must come from somewhere. Further, one can expect that the attractions will be more attractive with the price hike as Sentosa is going to give more value for more money paid. Just keep the entry into the island free and they can raise all the fees they want. Then it will be a case of demand and supply. I hope this island in the sun for Singaporeans will remain forever free. I dread the day when Singaporeans will again have to pay to visit the island.


Anonymous said...

It is still very cheap despite the increase, it will be fairer if it is rounded up to $10.00 and save many, including the ticketing staff, the hassle of changes.

Sentosa is about the only attraction worth visiting in Singapore. There are no other attraction at all and Sentosa is definitely cheaper than Newton Hawker Centre where slaughters happen without bloodshed.

Good Singaporean

Anonymous said...

I have never stepped onto the Island the last 15 years. It is spoilt, it is no longer a natural attraction, it's too artificial, it is no different from the main island of Singapore and it is too expensive.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

the more they dabble with the so called improvement, the more horrid sentosa will become. we don't need to imitate disneyland or other theme parks. let sentosa be a tropical island with all its flora and fauna. built on these natural thing to be different from other artificialities.